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Back in business
April 27, 2019

Was able to get another computer system to continue my projects and whatnot. I am thankful for those on this site who replied to my last status post. On the downside now my PS3 is out of commission lol. That's fine, I will get to that another time. For now, TIGER BLOW!

EDIT: Unfortunately all I can afford is a mediocre system which cannot let me play anything from PlayStation and above in terms of emulation. I will keep trying to see if I can get plug-ins or anything that is needed to make some of said emulators work, otherwise I will have to scrunch up some cash to acquire another laptop to have said games on the side for my gaming project.


Laptop died and all work halted for now
April 21, 2019

Riight now I am using that awful HORRIBLE PlayStaton Network to type this blog announcing thar my old crappy ;aptop has died and I am currently trying to get another or at least a desktop to continue my gaming works and providing for this site as well. At first I had thought maybe I can use my PS3's network mode to at least contribute reviews while I am waiting to come back fully but it seems its too much of a hassle to bother. Oddly enough, using the net on a smartphone seems a lot better than this but it is too difficult to go on writing such things as reviews on it as well.

Therefore forgive my hiatus and will see you as soon as I can.


Movies Based on Fighting Games
April 14, 2019

Believe it or not, there has been a lot more live action adaptation of fighting games than Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. If you hadn't heard of others, it would be because said other titles would had been eclipsed by these two franchises mentioned which were pretty damn big to gamers back in the 90s and are still around among the top of its genre. However hardcore fighting game fans would also know of other games that were infamously transferred to a mish mash live action of disastrous proportions.

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Game Players Magazine
April 12, 2019

Game Players was the sole gaming magazine besides Game Informer I subscribed to. GI was because it came along with being part of GameStop's subscription to their videogame club therefore Game Players was a definite subscription I bought. At that time I looked for a gaming magazine that would feature games that were actually being shipped to the US instead of hyping any Japanese games that would or wouldn't even be in American consoles, so this magazine at that time was the choice for me. I started collecting during the 16-Bit era going towards the 32-Bit era of gaming, which the PSX was becoming the talk of town and I still had my Sega Genesis and SNES around to see what titles would be featured in the last legs of said console gaming.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2
April 08, 2019

The more I play it, the more it keeps surpassing my expectations. TTT2 is everything I wanted on a Tekken game and goes beyond it with its lightning fast game play and outrageous tag team moves done on the fly. I spent nearly an hour playing the game for a couple sessions in a day after getting it in the mail and it is just so magnificent. All characters I played so far are well rounded and balanced, with new and old moves integrated as well as new characters that while some may feel a bit out of place, they all have their own deadly ways to destroy their opponents just as well.

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Bought a PS3
April 05, 2019

Couple days ago I bought a PS3 at a pawnshop. It was of a reasonable price, 40 dollars in fact, and it was one of the early models, you know, the hulking beast that weighs a ton but as long as it worked I was OK with it. Had to clean it up from all the users logged on and their saved files plus other stuff like rap mp3s and even corrupted data to make room as much as I could inside the system for my own game save files and nothing else. There was no need for me to even care bout the playstation network since it was long gone after the PS4 was around and to be honest, I really would not had cared if it was still around. One problem it had was that at first it would not read discs so it was tricky to get it going but now it is playing games just fine.

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More PS2 games added to my collection
March 26, 2019

These are the PS2 games I had bought for this month. I am very happy with the update on my collection and have only a couple complaints that do not affect my overall feelings towards the lot.

The Simpsons Game-

While I adore the cartoonish look and voices in it, the gameplay is a bit sluggish and jumps seem so awkward with the awful camera in the game. I still get a giggle or two out of it being based on the famous ongoing animated series.

Celebrity Deathmatch-

This game is hilarious. I laughed the whole time I played it. It may be on the easy side but its too enjoyable for me to even complain about that.

X-Men Next Dimension-

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