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My name's Rob. I'm insane, but not in a criminal way. At least, not yet. Take the character of Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, make him older and chubbier...and you pretty much know all you need to know about me.

10 letters down, 17 (including the numbers) to go.....guhhhh....
July 24, 2008

Sorry, Felix, your dream of me playing Castlequest this year might be going the way of the dinosaur, as I've covered "C" with:

C = Cyberdreams

Which also is for a contest, so that's two birds with one stone.

As for other progress:
Okami: Getting ready to go to Oni Island.
Dragon Quest V: Trying to earn enough money to buy all the really good and REALLY expensive stuff at the town your hero's mom was born in.
Final Fantasy Adventure: In Dark Knight's castle.


Lackluster gaming progress post.....
July 16, 2008

Alrighty-o, then, kids! What am I playing and how am I doing at them.

1. Okami — just got the catwalk ability, so I'm going back to previous parts of the game so I can climb up those walls I couldn't get up before. Then, I have to ride this dolphin around until I find the secret entrance to the Dragon Palace.

2. Dragon Quest V — in the really big tower you go to after your wife gets kidnapped right after you get coronated king.

3. Final Fantasy Adventure — beat Davias, went through some small cave and beat the boss there, now in another cave.

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July 04, 2008

Did Square at some point look at Final Fantasy Adventure (really, the first Mana game on the GB) and think...."Man, this game's cool and all, but what it needs is to be remade with a bigger, more intrusive, story!"?

One of those little things that's found its way into my too-vast list of games I'm working on is doing reviews of both FFA and its GBA remake, Sword of Mana --- after having both games on hiatus for a couple of years each.

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A new review by me.....for you.
June 26, 2008

Strike Gunner: S.T.G.

No new Alpha Marathon entry for me with this one, as it's my second "S" of the year. But a new review, nonetheless.

As for the near and distant future:
1. Got an arcade shooter that will be up next week.
2. Around the Crimson Helm fight in Okami.
3. Still on 5-1 in Medal of Honor: Underground, but haven't played that recently.
4. Ready to start the fifth stage of Coryoon.
5. Other stuff in various states of hiatus, disrepair and putting off.


Medal of Honor: Vanguard
June 11, 2008

Is reviewed. See: M = Medal of Honor: Vanguard

I can see me having a few more FPS games reviewed this summer, as I'm playing MoH: Underground right now (on 5-1), my friend let me borrow Black. I have my EmP/Boo tourney pick. And, if not burnt out on them after that, I'd like to play Frontline, which would leave European Assault as the only PS 1/2 MoH game I haven't done. And my friend has that and should let me borrow it eventually (like after I actually beat and return any of the four games of his I have --- two for a good year, if not more).

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Another new review!
June 09, 2008

This time for L = The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

So what's next? Between now and Wednesday, I'll likely have one out for Medal of Honor: Vanguard. Then, to name other games I'm currently working on:

On level 4-3 of Medal of Honor: Underground.

Started Okami a couple days ago. I like this one.

Think I'll abort my current Oracle of Ages game and just link my Seasons one to that game, so I can say I did one full two-game link.

Then, I have a few games like Mouryou Senki Madara, Neutopia 2 and others that I'm working on, but haven't had the time to play recently.

And that's that!


OD goes mainstream!
May 29, 2008

With Resident Evil 4. Looks like my retro, obscure street cred's out the window unless I hit up some weird Japanese TG-16 shooter in the near future.

My seventh letter down in the marathon! Which actually is kinda sad, all things considered. Gotta start focusing on a couple games at a time instead of making minimal progress on a slew of 'em.

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