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A new review to enjoy and cherish. Welcome it into your hearts and it shall grow.
September 03, 2008

Milon's Secret Castle

No new letter in the Alpha Marathon as I'd already done "M", but I'd been wanting to hit this game up for some time, so I did. I had fun writing it, so I'm happy. So happy I could cry.

So, now, all of you can quit with the fussin' and the feudin' and get back to what's really important — reading my reviews with quiet reverance!

August 29, 2008

Two TNT: Evilution level commentaries.

10. Redemption —  Kinda the exact opposite of "Stronghold" in that there aren't a ton of enemies, but a good number of them are big. Got a few Mancubi, Arachnos, Hell Knights, Revs, Cacos and Pain Elementals here. Very nice Chaingunner surprise towards the end. Kind of flawed by a key trap that doesn't always trigger properly. After grabbing the Yellow Key, monsters might teleport into its room right away.....or much later, like when you're on the other side of the hall starting to work on the room said key unlocks, making you have to backtrack to get your good kill percentage. 6/10

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Three more Evilution levels completed
August 17, 2008

7. Prison —  This level is pure sweetness! You start in a prison and have to fight your way out through a good amount of Caco, HK and weaker guards. Then, a warp takes you to a wide-open outdoor area where you wind up going through a guard tower, get trapped in a cage surrounded by Imps and HKs and finally have to hit a few switches to get through the exit room. That last room's a bit anti-climactic, but overall, this is one of my favorite Evilution levels. 8/10

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Three more Evilution levels done.
August 15, 2008

4. Wormhole — One of those levels that could have been great, but falls short due to bland design. On the surface, it looks like a very tiny level and it can be completed very quickly, but a bit of exploration leads to a teleporter that warps you to a mirror image level that expands to include a few more rooms. Problem is that neither half of the level is particularly exciting. There's a couple okay traps in the first half and a sneaky Archvile in the second, but very little else of note. 4/10

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August 14, 2008


Yes, I did a non-short review for a non-Atari 2600 game! Aren't you proud of me? I am!

And here's a couple more TnT Evilution level reviews as some bonus material.

2. Human BBQ —  I like this level a decent amount. You have good progression and a few nice fights in decent-size courtyard areas. Especially, when you cross an invisible tripwire and notice that behind you, a few Cacos and Imps are starting to cross the distance rapidly. That's a fun little battle. 7/10

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More DOOMing stuff.
August 13, 2008

I watched TV last night. Baseball and then the Olympics for a bit. Because of that, I got a decent amount of DOOMing in, as I hate just sitting and watching the tube when I can be doing something else at the same time.

So, here's what went down in ICARUS:

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The letter "W" has been Overdrived!
August 09, 2008

W = Word Zapper

In my current mission to shit out Atari 2600 reviews like Taco Bell burritos, I give you this little gem. And yes, my folks really did buy me this game to give me something "educational" to play. Goes to show that no one's infallible.

Oh, and here's two more level recaps for Icarus (Doom megawad I'm currently playing).

6. P.E.T. Rescue — nice design, as you can see the exit from where you start, but you have to go inside a structure and out another door to actually get to it. As for the level, itself......very short, very easy, very forgettable. 4/10

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