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September 11, 2008

Over the past few days, I've done a few more levels.

13. Asylum If you've played enough of this wad, you know that the red key is the one that allows you to leave every level. So, when you start this one and can see it from where you start, you might be led to believe this will be a quick-n-easy one. Wrong, as you have a lot of work to do in navigating a maze-like collection of corridors and rooms. I really liked the non-linear way this place was designed, as it gives you multiple ways to take out a lot of enemies and allows you to personally choose if you want to do certain parts or not (decent-sized non-linear level with only one key to find means many parts of this level are purely optional). However, there's an ungodly amount of health and ammo items and, overall, this is an ugly level. To try to create an "authentic" asylum, most of this place is colored a dullish gray, which really isn't the most appealing color to be staring at for an extended period of time. 7/10

14. Fortress of Evil Very nice level as you have to storm the perimeter of a castle and then enter and cleanse it of monsters. Well designed with a few little surprises. If you're careful, the caged Arachnotrons are simple to take out, but the two Spiderdemons that pop up when you're starting to make legit progress through this one are another story.....especially since you have to get by them to get out of the level. 8/10

15. Waste Disposal Like most "in ship" levels, this one is all sorts of ugly silver and gray. Also, the secret exit isn't exactly intuitive to find, as you seem to repeatedly have to go through teleporters in the correct order. Hell, even TNT's Icarus help page on their website notes that sometimes the second teleporter in the chain automatically takes you to the room leading to the secret exit, so randomly, you might not have to even do the full chain. There are a couple of decent fights here, but nothing to really impress you. 4/10

31. Great Balls of Fire When I think bonus level, I think of something cool that makes me glad I spent the extra time in L15 to find the secret exit. I don't think of a level like this. On the positive side, it's got a couple of rooms with pretty architecture. On the negative side, it's short and boring. This is more of a filler level than a bonus level. 3/10

32. Prestidigitation This level does a decent job of redeeming the bonus segment of Icarus simply due to cleverness. Most of the action takes place in one courtyard, but it seems like a much larger area. You start out in a near empty yard with a bunch of items along the perimeter, the red key at the far end and one lone soldier ready to be killed. Grab the red key and turn around to find five structures magically appeared.....with Cacos just streaming out of them. In fact, every time you do something here, it opens something up or alters the landscape. Now this is how to make a lot out of a short level! Would have been nice if it was longer, but I was happy with what I had. 7/10

16. Bootcamp Pretty fun level with some good fighting and whatnot. Does kinda die out towards the end as the "big" brawl that's supposed to be unleashed by getting the red key is sorta easy, being what that you can simply open a door, fire rockets into the Cacos and Arachys, duck back and repeat until only dead bodies are in your way. 6/10

Good fun. Decent megawad, but there just isn't much that blows my mind, so at times, it's more of an ordeal than a pleasure to do more than one level at a time.

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bluberry bluberry - September 11, 2008 (03:00 PM)
wasn't the exit from map31 to map32 really retardedly placed, too?

I liked map32, though.

edit: I'm forgetful, which map is the one I was praising for its use of the Cyberdemon and shit? have you played that one yet? might've been Bootcamp.
overdrive overdrive - September 12, 2008 (12:31 AM)
1. Yes. You have to go up to the normal exit and then turn around, teleport back to the big room beforehand and run to the side island where the big rock pillar has sunk into the ground, revealing a blood pit that is the teleport to the L32 exit. I needed online help to find that, also.

2. Maybe. On, L16 is referred to as having a semi-tough CD fight, as well as an Archy that can be trouble if you don't know where it is. However, neither is on HMP and to be honest, that hurts the level as it's too easy. A good HMP/UV transition is a couple more of certain tricky/annoying monsters like CGs, Revs, Pain Elementals, etc. Not simply replacing Cybs and Archys with another couple Cacos and Arachys.
bluberry bluberry - September 12, 2008 (08:13 PM)
then start playing on UV!

and get a mouse.

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