What I am I doing.......
November 07, 2005

So, yesterday afternoon, I was playing Addams Family Values for the SNES......and suddenly, it just hit me: I'VE HIT ROCK BOTTOM!!!!! I mean, I was playing Addams Family Values, fer christsakes!!!!!

Someone put me out of my misery.......

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Genj Genj - November 07, 2005 (03:15 PM)
At least you weren't writing about Jews for 7 hours.
bluberry bluberry - November 07, 2005 (06:01 PM)
At least you don't have a Norah Jones avatar and think Bowie is overrated.
goldenvortex goldenvortex - November 08, 2005 (07:43 AM)
Think about it.

Playing this shit game may inspire you to write a brilliant bash review.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - November 08, 2005 (05:37 PM)
Was that the game that was kind of the spiritual successor to the NES's Fester's Quest?
overdrive overdrive - November 09, 2005 (05:56 AM)
In a roundabout way, maybe.

You control Fester and you play from a Zeldaish view, but that's about it.

It's slower-paced and loosely based on a movie, while FQ (at least as I remember) was more of a straight-up action game with light exploration.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - November 09, 2005 (03:38 PM)
Ah, I see. I haven't played Fester's Quest in a long time...

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