A pair of thoughts!
August 13, 2010

1. Made it to Disc 3 of Lost Odyssey tonight. After finishing Clash of the Titans, I can go back to this game. As I get farther into the game, I can see why EmP had said it's the best 360 J-RPG. When I "reviewed" it under the "HAMMER-time" name, all I mentioned for whatever wacky contest that it was for happened to be the "Thousand Years of Dreams" stories. As good as they are, I think the game would have to be horribly broken for me not to want to recommend it. The "Bright Rain" story which I got tonight was the perfect example of how beautiful in a depressive way AND thought-provoking these stories are. I'm glad there's a FAQ solely to tell how to get these stories. If there's one thing I want to collect all of in this game, it's the stories.

2. I edited my Clash of the Titans review. Upon further review, I found enough typos and awkward phrasing to make me feel like EmP after a WQ proofreading. It's better, now!

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zippdementia zippdementia - August 14, 2010 (10:12 AM)
#2: I hate it when that happens, though I suppose it' nice to be able to fix things. The worst is when you find them in your staff submitted reviews and you aren't EmP.
Genj Genj - August 14, 2010 (10:29 AM)
I made it to disc 2 of Lost Odyssey today. I don't want to hear about flowers anymore for the rest of this game.
zippdementia zippdementia - August 14, 2010 (10:49 AM)
What is it with the Japanese and flowers? I actually know the answer to that...

But regardless, I do get tired of hearing about flowers in JRPGs. FFII's main character wants a world filled with wild roses, in Valkyria Chronicles the flower comes up every other cutscene as a representation of the will to go on, etc. etc.

Best use of flowers in a video game: Metal Gear Solid 3's field of flowers at the end. The visual effect is incredible and though the flowers do represent something metaphysical, this is never blatantly stated out. It's a visual metaphor that is left to the player to decipher as they see fit.
blood-omen blood-omen - August 16, 2010 (12:25 AM)
maybe the developers were high and all they saw were flowers.....
zippdementia zippdementia - August 16, 2010 (10:39 AM)
Nah, when you're high you don't generally see flowers.

I do remember seeing ten thousand hawks take off out of a tree once when I was on shrooms on a lonely and beautiful butte. But when you're on shrooms everything seems so normal. I didn't freak out or start exclaiming about how many goddamn hawks there were in the sky.

Instead I turned to my friend and said, "That tree holds a lot of hawks."

When you're high on shrooms there's a very A+B=C sense to the world.
CoarseDragon CoarseDragon - August 16, 2010 (01:11 PM)
Last time I did 'shroom A + B = ∞
zippdementia zippdementia - August 16, 2010 (03:08 PM)
Yeah, I know what you mean. But everything made so much sense. Way more sense than when I came down.

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