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Bonehealing and other stuff
August 13, 2022

Two more weeks. It's been six so far and apparently I'm healing slow. There could be a real, identifiable reason for that which I will be investigating. In the meantime I wear the Aircast boot for a little longer, but not when I'm at home. It's neat that we have something this useful, but not that it barely holds together in some places. Modern medicine is complicated.

I have a box of computer components which have little value to me. Video cards are annoying. You'll get the latest beast only to find yourself outpaced within a period of months or years. Progress is nice, but this is why consoles are comforting. The age of the Nintendo Switch does not diminish how much fun it is, and legacy hardware has always been one of the strengths of gaming.

Chasing raycast light trails is a worthwhile endeavor, but of no value to the masses until your toaster can do it. Technology so advanced yet mundane because it is common. That's the secret, of course: a wide open field. I find it ironic that we're so busy trying to do something correctly after cheating for so long. It makes me think of Goku's second great power jump in Dragon Ball Z. He keeps ratcheting his power from 5000 to astronomical and the comment is "Do you know how much power it takes to do that?"

This is where we're at. We're under so much stress culturally because of all the effort it takes to maintain the status quo and flexibility we enjoy. It is what it is and I'll always say "focus on good things". I am quick to say that gaming is good, but let us be mindful that it's not the thing, its the behavior around the thing that matters.

Like all this noise about the Choco Taco. The treat doesn't matter. It's what we felt about it, the choices we made and time we spent with others we love and cared about. We make things matter and that's the point.

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honestgamer honestgamer - August 18, 2022 (09:06 PM)
When I bought my previous computer, I spent over $1000 on just the tower. I wanted to have a beast that could play the newest games at the time of its release, many of them on high settings, and that's what I got. When I bought my current PC, I bought two of the same thing: one for me and one for my wife. Combined, they cost less than my previous tower, but they're both more powerful (video card aside). They do what I need them to do at this point in my life, which is let me access basic games when I'm not busy writing or using Photoshop or whatever. And when I want to play AAA games, I have my PS5 and Xbox Series X. I've always been more of a console gamer, anyway. And I don't play as many games as I used to, thanks to my recent desire to spend more time creating fiction. But I got to enjoy the heck out of Elden Ring, so I don't feel like I'm missing much that matters to me.
dagoss dagoss - August 19, 2022 (06:59 AM)
Oddly the pandemic has really turned me off from PC games. I used to love PC games, but working from home the past 2+ years has made me not want to sit at my computer when at home anymore.
hastypixels hastypixels - August 20, 2022 (05:47 AM)
At this time my laptop is actually filling the role of the machine powerful enough to do the computing heavy lifting in my life. Even gaming. I'd consider an XBox or PlayStation if there were games I'd be playing on either of them, but like you both I haven't had the necessity. Barring hardware failure, I see very little reason to make any changes from the PC I'm using now.

Karen and I are fortunate that we can enjoy gaming together on a platform that has the right focus for us, and a lot of people. Being able to get away from PCs is important, too, and we're glad for that too!

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