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Resident Evil 6 details and release date rumors run rampant [UPDATED]

Update: Capcom has now issued a press release that confirms all of the information we previous reported, as well as a surprisingly revealing trailer (embedded below). Additional details were also revealed. A PC version will follow the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions, and special maps that will work in multiple modes will be available to those who preorder the game from various merchants. Information about game modes will follow at a later date, but it sounds like the game will feature substantial cooperative play. Capcom appears to be trying to kickstart a new subgenre, which it is calling 'dramatic horror.'

Capcom has yet to officially announce Resident Evil 6, but the upcoming game has become one of the industry's worst kept secrets. Specific details about the gameplay and characters, as well as the apparent design philosophy, are now available. There's also a tentative and very credible release date of November 20, 2012 making the rounds.

IGN reported earlier today, based on reports from other sites like VentureBeat, that the next installment is being handled by the "same internal Japanese team that has worked on previous entries." That would tend to suggest that gamers can look forward to more of the same sort of stuff that they loved or loathed in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, at a minimum. Those reports also indicate that the development team is looking to find a middle ground between the two games, perhaps keeping more scares intact while also keeping the action suitably intense.

Perhaps the most interesting news is that Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy will both return as playable characters, along with Ada Wong. It sounds like each character will have his or her own character arc, and players can go through the three separate stories in the order they like (following introductory events).

Finally, the story will take place around the globe, rather than focusing on one area. China is widely expected to make an appearance, which you've heard for some time if you've been following the rumors up to this point.

It's important to remember--as always--that rumors are just rumors. Capcom isn't commenting on rumors and speculation, but there should be more official word on what Resident Evil 6 will bring in a few short hours.

Reported by Jason Venter



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