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Planned Obsolescence (Or Why I'm basically done with Nintendo and consoles)
June 27, 2019

Last night, I decided to whip out my trusty 3DS XL and finally finish Bowser's Inside Story. My portable that I've owned for over six years had been sitting in its case for about a month, untouched. The last time I played it, everything was working fine. Well, life comes at you fast. Despite having been untouched for about a month, my "A" button had suddenly become unresponsive. Okay, I'll just send it to Nintendo for--

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What I'm Playing (And Other Stuff)
February 15, 2015

Pokemon Omega Ruby - I've arrived at Lilycove City, but I'm going to have to backtrack to Route 121 to check out some Team Magma shenanigans at Mt. Pyre. There's also the Safari Zone. Beyond Lilycove City lies Mossdeep City, the setting for the ORAS Special Demo and the location of the next Gym. There's a whole lot of water routes ahead!

Azure Striker Gunvolt - After all this time, I've finally become aware of how Prevasion works. It's handy for speed-running levels, because you can just run through enemies without taking damage. I beat the game last week, and now I'm going to do as many side missions as I can and collect materials for item synthesizing.

Other stuff...

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What I'm Playing: Brought to You by Club Nintendo
February 08, 2015

Punch-Out!! - Picked this up for 3DS as a Club Nintendo reward. I've made it to the final circuit, not counting the secret one that requires a cheat code. I really suck at this game, but I find it encouraging that people have managed to beat it while blindfolded. In the World Circuit, I can beat Piston Honda more or less consistently, and I'm starting to work out a repeatable tactic for Soda Popinski. To my surprise, Bald Bull is insanely hard the second time around, and I haven't even gotten to the really hard part of this circuit yet! I think it's going to take a long time before I can actually beat "Punch-Out!!".

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What I'm Playing: It's Mario Kart Mania!
February 01, 2015

Mario Kart: Super Circuit - Last week, I said my goal was to unlock all the SNES grand prixs in 150cc. Mission accomplished, and then some. I went through all three engine classes and did 100+ coin runs, so I'm now an expert at collecting coins in "Super Circuit". I'll be damned if I'm going to get a Gold Cup in the final SNES grand prix, though. I like this game, but I don't like it THAT much, y'know what I mean? In conclusion, I would actually rank this as one of the better Mario Kart games.

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What I'm Playing (With a Vengeance!)
January 24, 2015

(Gaming was kind of sporadic last week, so these updates will be short and sweet.)

Mario Kart 8 - At about 3500 VR in online multiplayer. This is the point where competition gets really intense and I'm just grateful to finish in the Top 6 with 10 coins.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit - I find it really hard to play any Mario Kart game that predates "Double Dash". So, right now I've got gold trophies in every Grand Prix except the Special Cup. This is my second time playing through this game, but I've never unlocked all the SNES Cups in 150cc, so I'm making that my long term goal with this playthrough. No idea if I'll actually see it through, though. (You need to finish each of the five Grand Prixs with 100+ coins. Not a lot of fun, I'm afraid.)

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What I'm Playing 2: Play Harder
January 17, 2015

Azure Striker Gunvolt - This isn't quite the Mega Man Zero successor I was expecting, but it turns out that's not a bad thing. This game's awesome. The premise is you shoot enemies to "tag" them, and then you hold down "R" or "A" to perform this electromagnetic attack that fries everything you've tagged. It's an interesting spin on the old "run and gun" game mechanics from Mega Man. The structure is non-linear, there are mild RPG elements, and the plot is goofy. In terms of challenge, this is an "easy to win, hard to master" kind of deal. Score attacking is the key to this game's longevity, and getting a high score is all about getting through the stage without getting touched. I've already beaten the first level a dozen times, just to get a better grasp on the score mechanics and e

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What I'm playing
January 10, 2015

Pokemon Omega Ruby - I haven't come down with Pokemania this badly since 1998. I'm even keeping up with the new XY season of the anime, which is about as bland as ever, but at least they have a better animation budget. Anyway, I'm on the verge of getting my fourth gym badge, which means I will be able to face my father to get the fifth gym badge. Hoenn is one sweet region. I've set up my secret base in this one area that has volcanic ash and some sweet BGM. My team is: Grovyle, Pelipper, Minun, Hariyama, and Torkoal. I'm planning to make Mon #6 Carvanha, who I'm going to name Bruce, because he evoles into SHARPEDO. Sharpedo is part shark and part torpedo, and now you know why he deserves a spot on my team.

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