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So, who operates a Patreon page?
November 25, 2016

Directly inspired by HonestGamer, and his website, I started a Patreon which features the creative goings-on of the ACME Resource Pack for Minecraft, which I co-develop and manage with Tumbleberry. We've been at it for five years now, and we have over 8 million downloads, reviews, third party listings, first party listings, affiliates, YouTube reviews and more.

For the curious, here's our homepage: http://www.nudgeworksdesign.com

I decided also to throw my novelist leanings into the mix, because, it's something I do that keeps me going. Additionally I've included my reviews for this site, because that's blossoming rather nicely into a great tool to polish my writing skills.

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Gaming Reviews: The Importance of Honesty
November 21, 2016

I've actually little more to say than that. Major media outlets in the US regard a hostile future on many fronts, and with the neutrality of the internet at risk, what we do here matters more than ever.

We're doing more than correcting the past wrongs of customer cheating embargoes, because as HonestGamer point out in a recent blog post, we don't have time for all the new stuff coming out. We've banded together to give our sincere opinions about the games we have experienced and what they've meant to us.

I'm going to say it now ... if HG decides that donations, such as Patreon, are needed to keep the site alive and thriving, count me in. We don't know what will happen next, but I do know we are stronger as a team.

And yes, I deliberately avoided her campaign slogan.

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Farming Done Good
November 06, 2016

A little impromptu rap-ish poem-ish sorta-ish. Stardew Valley is the Harvest Moon I could never get into. Because I don't relate to the presentation? Because I'm actually sick and tired of anime in general? Probably.

What a gem of a game, but until my Humble Monthly subscription provided me a copy, I hadn't given it more than a second glance. If for $12 a month I get one good title, I'm okay with that. Two is a score, and the occasional exclusive is nice too.

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October 28, 2016

What's the difference between an Indie and Mainstream game? Production quality? When you saw the word "Indie" associated with a game, did you make concessions for its imperfections? Why?

I've done it, quite recently. Skyborn. Yup. I finally got to the final boss and I'm choked. Annoyed. Frustrated. Irritated. Pick one and run with it. Why?

Because I can't beat the nit. I couldn't even complete the Colosseum. Is that a problem? You're darn straight it is! Skyborn has this obnoxious fixed amount of mobs, and once you beat them, you've topped out. You can traverse the entire game map ... in less than ten minutes ... and not a single new mob will spawn.

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It's great that Skyborn is as good as I hoped for ...
October 22, 2016

5 hours. Yeah, so October is a rough go for me and sleep can be elusive. Thankfully there's a lovely little bundle of Dancing Dragon RPGs on sale on Steam until the 24th. That's great because I love bundles and it includes a game that's been clogging up my wishlist for two years.

Oh sometimes I really like to like them simmer.

It's $12 (CDN) for four, read me, competent RPGs. I'm ready to review Skyborn, almost. As it stands my thoughts are; it's too aware of itself and the things it dislikes; it was very rushed; it's too blasted short, and Claret's a-freakin'-dorable.

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HL2 Reviewtrospective is a go!
October 17, 2016

Well, it's longer than 1200 words, but they're all heartfelt words. HL2 was a breakthrough for me; I learned to love shooters again, and survived Ravenholm. That place can still freak me out if I let it. Sure the enemies are canned, and my reflexes are muscle memory at this point, but ... the atmosphere is still haunting.

An insightful conversation with Nightfire supplied some valuable introspective that was sorely needed prior to writing that review. He suggested a retrospective, so I approached it with my first experience in mind and memory.

Yes the dune buggy a lame, spazzy vehicle, but it's part of an epic moment that you enjoy on its own if you let it be. I was so excited at the time, and that's all that matters. HL2 succeeded in doing what games are supposed to do.

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Ever had a quandry?
October 03, 2016

The problem is I'm having a darned time turning it into a review. I've got more of a dissertation on the topic of narrative disappointment and lockdown than subject critique of the game's strengths and flaws.

HL2 isn't the sort of game you review. No, you experience it and then run around like a fool looking out for anyone who might possibly play it, or who already has. It's that Lord of the Rings moment when you know you've just got to pass on the experience, but you're not sure why.

Looking around at the current political climate, I can see why. As a writer, though, I am determined to do right by the review and ... get it right. Oh, and the key to HL3? A spoilerific change of cast members.

You know the one I mean.


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