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Resident Evil 6 takes place in 2013, has an 'evolved' control system

Capcom today released some details for the recently revealed Resident Evil 6, which is due to hit store shelves on Nov. 20 this year.

The most important bit of information that'll more than likely polarize Resident Evil fans is the confirmation of an "evolved control system" that will allow "players to shoot whilst moving." While it definitely isn't anything revolutionary, Capcom is correct in calling at an evolution, as Resident Evil games have always lacked that sort of function.

Capcom also let slip some other details, like the game taking place in 2013, in a fictional Chinese coastal town named Lanshiang, and the fact that the game's zombies can now run, jump and even wield weapons. (I'm assuming they meant wield more dangerous weapons, as I'm no Resident Evil expert, but I do recall some zombies throwing knives and explosive stuff at me in RE4 and RE5.)

But let's get back to this "evolved" control scheme. I called it polarizing because there seem to be two schools of thought regarding the ability to "shoot whilst moving" in Resident Evil games. To me, the inability to do so in the few RE titles I've played really added to the sense that you're limited, cornered even. It added a layer of suspense to the game that fit really well with its survival theme. Of course, this kind of control scheme, nowadays especially, seems kind of primitive. This "evolution" in Resident Evil 6 would undoubtedly bring the series up to speed with more recent gaming conventions, yet it would take away that previously mentioned sense of limitation, potentially making RE6 more of a conventional shooter in terms of control scheme.

I think there is some truth to both sides of the argument. What side of the fence are you guys on?

Reported by Jonathan Davila


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