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February 10, 2006

Genj is a smelly jackass. So is EmP. Come to think of it, you're all jackasses

I just cannot get over this picture. Everytime I see it, I start chuckling. Yesterday I damn near fell out of my chair laughing so hard. I especially love the little word bubble: "OUR PLAN CANNOT FAIL!" They're so sure of themselves. And they're snowmen with heat vision. THAT ROCKS. I mean, that's like a human having some sort of skin melting eye beam; you have the power to instantly kill any other member of your race.

And the pipes...oh...

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Feel in Love With a Girl
February 08, 2006

I got a girl's number! Yay!

But I didn't know her name. Aw.

But I asked her friend, and he told me! Yay!

But I called her and all I got was her voicemail, and it was full so I couldn't leave a message. Aw.

Anyway, I'm pretty cool with the whole deal. I think she digs me; I just asked if she'd like to go see a movie sometime, and BAM! Phone number. And this was in the computer lab, so she knows I'm a computer bum.

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New Review
February 07, 2006

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

Lord, I thought I'd never get this done. I've literally been working on this review since it came out, and it just kept gnawing at me. Glad to finally have it done, and I don't think it came out half-bad. Tell me what you think. Please.


The NEW Spider-Man
February 03, 2006

Image hosting by Photobucket

Well, it's a new suit, anyway.

A lot of stuff's been happening to Spider-Man recently. He died. But he didn't really die. He shed his skin and went in a cocoon. And he came out twice as strong, with the ability to talk to spiders...

Anyway, this is his new suit, built by Tony Stark (Iron Man) It's got lots of new tech, and three extra 'legs' on the back.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Because, you know, spiders have seven legs.

Anyway, I'm pretty meh about it. Know it's not permanent.


January 30, 2006


Another shitty review for you to read. Yay.

Wait, back it up. Confidence, confidence...sigh.

Anyway I've been working on this one pretty hard for over a week. Wrote it out on paper, then on the computer, then printed it out and made corrections with the pencil. I've got like...twenty copies of this laying around my house. After I was satisfied, I asked Draqq for a critique, which he provided with the quickness (thanks Draqq!). While I was going to wait until the last minute of this round to release it, I'm quite honestly tired of looking at it and I want to start on a Star Fox 64 review.

In any case, I'm quite pleased with it. Since it will amuse me, I'll place the original version of it below. It changed quite a bit from the original draft.

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