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F-Zero X
July 24, 2006

[I thought I'd try something different here. I'll post this review eventually, but, for the moment, I'll just post it here and soak up comments.]

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Oh, show me the way to go home...
July 21, 2006

Jaws Unleashed

...I'm tired and I want to go to bed...I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it went straight to my head...


Wild Arms 4
July 16, 2006

Wild Arms 4

As a small note, if I still had titles, I would have called this review 'Kids with Guns.'

Anyway, though it might seem that way from my last entry, I did not just write this post last night :/ Been on this for about a week, and I tried some stuff I haven't tried for a while with it. I also tried talking about the story and characters at the end, hope that works out.

Also, I apologize to VM, EmP, and DoI if the stuff I said yesterday was kinda wrong.

MAJOR EDIT: Her name is 'Raquel', not 'Rachel' damn it!


(Untitled Post)
July 16, 2006


I lost again! ;_; And even worse than last time! Well, I gotta say, that threw me for a loop; Seperation Anxiety was one my top picks, and if it can't cut it...

Okay. Stay determined. Three weeks left. Who are we up against next...

Ah, fuck, it's that team with Zig in it.

...confidence...fading...need...Red Bull...

I hate to mope, but damn it hurts seeing SE get bitch-slapped. And then Suikoden V, a review I thought would bomb, does well in KOR. o_O Gah, frustrating.

But, I will not be detered. For, next round, I unleash...


Which will probably bomb, too...

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Two movie opinions
July 15, 2006

Movie Opinion #1

You know, Seven is an awesome movie. Best serial killer flick I've seen since Silence of the Lambs.

It makes Brad Pitt look cool. Of course, Morgan Freedman makes everyone look cool. He's that awesome.

Movie Opinion #2

You know that new CGI movie coming out, the one with the barn animals? That's going to suck ass. Outside of Pixar, nobody really does CGI that well. Shrek 1 is average, Shrek 2 is sub-par, Madagascar is just stupid, as are most things involving Chris Rock.

Just saying.

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Latest Review: Space Station: Silicon Valley
July 12, 2006

Space Station: Silicon Valley

Still not sure whether I'll be using this for the competition, but, for what it's worth, I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's a little silly, yeah, but SSSV is a very silly game; it's hard to write about it without getting your hands dirty.

Edit: Also, does anybody think the Futurama reference at the bottom is a little too out of place? It just felt like I should reference Futurama at some point. It felt natural.


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(Untitled Post)
July 11, 2006

My original plan was to do a review for Space Station Silicon Valley, make everyone think that was my pick for this round, and switch it out with something more viable (either Seperation Anxiety or DMC:SE) at the last moment, but it occured to me that this might be something of an assholish move, and people probably say enough crap behind my back without me giving them fodder.

The SSSV review is already done, and I might release and use it, but it really all depends on how it's recieved. It's sort of a 'crazy review' (it's pretty damn hard to write a review about SSSV in a serious tone), and I'm always wary when I write stuff like that.

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