The NEW Spider-Man
February 03, 2006

Well, it's a new suit, anyway.

A lot of stuff's been happening to Spider-Man recently. He died. But he didn't really die. He shed his skin and went in a cocoon. And he came out twice as strong, with the ability to talk to spiders...

Anyway, this is his new suit, built by Tony Stark (Iron Man) It's got lots of new tech, and three extra 'legs' on the back.

Because, you know, spiders have seven legs.

Anyway, I'm pretty meh about it. Know it's not permanent.

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EmP EmP - February 03, 2006 (03:17 PM)
That's dumb - spider's don't shed their skin!
janus janus - February 04, 2006 (05:40 AM)
I sure hope this isn't the plot of Spiderman 3.
Genj Genj - February 04, 2006 (06:07 AM)
Nope, but 'Eric Foremen' is the villain!
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - February 05, 2006 (11:37 PM)
Oh god, that suit is so tacky. Gold and red? Almost two primary colors. It's like international superhero gone.... g, g, g, g, gay. But wearing spandex means, well...

I'll end it here.
goldenvortex goldenvortex - February 06, 2006 (04:48 AM)
Spiders have eight legs.
lasthero lasthero - February 06, 2006 (05:05 AM)
>_< I know that. I was being sarcastic.
joseph_valencia joseph_valencia - February 06, 2006 (06:08 AM)
Wait... is this Ultimate or the original timeline?
lasthero lasthero - February 06, 2006 (08:07 AM)

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