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Bang Shishigami is the best character in BlazBlue.
July 05, 2009


You know you're a badass when your supermove gets an exclusive, epically cheesy J-Rock song. He's not just a ninja. He's a hero, a righteous defender of justice and honor, and a valiant protector of the weak...

Too bad everyone else in the game just thinks he's senile.

BlazBlue is awesome, by the way. Get it if you want some great 2d fighting action. Check out some of the gameplay:


Remembering the Team Tournament: Writerís Block Blues
June 23, 2009

ItĎs great to see the return of the Team Tournament, even if I am just a spectator this year. Iím having flashbacks from 2007, like getting drafted first and all those AIM sessions scheming with Lisanne. Itís kind of funny, looking back. None of us expected to win anything, so we approached the whole thing as a learning experience. It was serious business, though. I donít know about my old teammates, but my high point was the build-up leading to the match against Zigfriedís crew. We were going to be crushed - no question there - but I liked the prospect of going mano-a-mano with Espiga (Suskie was the third one, if I recall correctly) and seeing how I would fare. I canít remember how many times we lost (IĎm sure someone can dig up the stats), but after a while I just accepted failure as in

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No More Heroes 2 Trailer.
May 30, 2009


Yeah, that's my most anticipated game now. >.>


So, I got a PS3 today.
April 11, 2009

I found a used MGS4 bundle for $379 being sold at Fry's. Got that, SFIV, and Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus. Win?

You should have seen me in the store. As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it off the shelf and just carried it with me while I did the rest of my shopping...for another hour. I wanted to make sure no one else would swoop in and seize the opportunity.

Before I got it, I asked specifically why it was being sold used. According to the manager, the previous owner said that there were issues with overheating. Can you guys give me some advice so as to avoid it? I can still return it within 30 days, so I want to make sure this thing can last. >.>

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Oh, Nintendo.
January 10, 2009


Interesting idea, but there's no way in Hell I'd ever use it.


MGS4 voice actors go to therapy.
January 03, 2009


Persona 4 rocks.
December 05, 2008

If you've played 3 and loved it, you'll probably like this one even more; it takes all the good stuff from that game and improves upon it. Pick it up if you're even remotely interested.

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