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Pre-Final Blues
February 28, 2006

So I'm going to Paris, right? Just one problem: I've learned that my vacation coincides directly with my Finals Week at school. While all those poor fools are slaving away with their scantrons and #2 pencils, I'll be chowing down on over-priced European food! Bwahaha...Oh wait. ****.

As tempting as it sounds, I can't skip finals. I've managed to sweet talk my professors into giving me advanced copies of the finals so I can do them a week in advance and submit the exams via email or leaving them at the offices. That means I have about five days to not only review everything from the past month, but everything we're supposed to cover next week as well. Better break out the caffeine...

Speaking of reviewing stuff, here's what I've got lined up for potential stuff:


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Being sick ****ing sucks.
February 18, 2006

Dammit. My nose is running a freakin' marathon and I'm staggering around like a Resident Evil reject. It doesn't help that it's raining and the high temperature is around 40 degrees. Bleh. I'm all juiced up with medicine, oranges, and whatever fruit juice I have in the fridge. 100% Vitamin C my ass.

In other news, I'm going to Paris in a few weeks. It's my family's week to use our timeshare, so I'll get to go to Europe for the first time. I'm studying up on my French, so hopefully I won't make too much of an ass of myself when I ask the friendly hotel clerks where I can get computer access. I'm sure I'll get plenty of snide remarks, though.

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I know I'm a bit late with this...
February 08, 2006

...But I've got time to kill, so what the hell. Yay for being unoriginal!

Reviews of 2005

3D Pinball: Space Cadet
Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Batman Forever
Burnout 3: Takedown
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Chopper Command
Circus Atari
Cosmic Commuter
Demon Attack
Dodge 'Em
Feel the Magic: XY/XX
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Fishing Derby
Home Run
Human Cannonball
Jurassic Park
Keystone Capers
Kirby Canvas Curse
Laser Blast
LEGO Island
Mario Kart DS
Mario Paint
Mega Man & Bass
Mega Man
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5
Mega Man 6
Mega Man X2: Sons of Liberty

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February 04, 2006

So, I just registered here at the site after hearing about the latest reviewing competition. I didn't know that I could get my own personal blog, but I'm certainly not complaining (Though my Game Collection list hasn't updated after numerous attempts >_>). Anyway, I don't know how often I'll use this blog, but it might serve as yet another home away from home over at Gamefaqs.

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