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I love getting hate e-mail.
May 29, 2006

So, I just got back from my Memorial Day weekend vacation (which included visiting my grandma and watching the remarkably mediocre DaVinci Code). Upon looking at my gmail account (aka the one I use to get feedback for my Gamefaqs contributions) and the first message I get looks like this:

You Are A Donkey Raping **** Eater. You Suck Big Fat Sloppy Donkey ****s.
I Had Your Mother Last Nite And This Morning. I Hope You Burn In Hell You ****Sucking Ball Gobbling Cum Guzzling ***** Ass *****.
Now That I Got That Out Of My System Your Guide Sucked Balls.

End Of Message.

P.S. Your A Homo.

Not enough caffeine, perhaps?

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So, I cut down a tree yesterday.
May 14, 2006

There was this old and rotted out tree standing on the side of my mom's driveway. The damned thing was about to keel over and probably cause some damage to the car (and possibly take down a few electrical wires), so I volunteered to go Evil Dead Bruce Campbell on it. A few grueling chainsaw sessions and five hours of gathering and bundling branches, the tree has been reduced to a big pile of sticks for the garbagemen to pick up in the morning. Since I spent the time annihilating the tree, I didn't get a chance to get my mom an actual Mother's day gift. Hopefully getting rid of a potentially dangerous tree will suffice. Yeah. >_>

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Random Late Night Blog Post Thingy
April 18, 2006

Blargh. I just finished writing a bash review on Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament for the PS2. Does anyone else find it more fun bashing a game than praising it? >.>

In other news, I imported Children of Mana for the DS last weekend. I've never played Secret of Mana that much, so I can't give a comparison. But from initial impressions, it's far better than that pathetic Sword of Mana game of the GBA.

Random Observations from only playing an hour:

-Lots of enemies. I've fought only five at once, but I'm betting that it can go higher. If you hit an enemy, it'll go stumbling back into other foes, thsus setting off chain reactions that can rack up tons of damage. same goes for ramming enemies into walls, spikes, and other solid objects.

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Gamefaqs Premium: The Chaff Maker!
April 13, 2006


So CJay is giving all prolific contributors those newfangled 'Premium Accounts' automatically. Is he finally giving the contributors something worthwhile for their efforts, or is this the act of a man desperate to keep the core of the site's content from being torn asunder? If anything, this will inspire countless users to get off their asses and try to get on the list. Of course, that means there's going to be a pretty big rush of crappy 400-word treatises coming soon. Bleh.

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Oh Mr. Veasey, you're so craaazy! Tee Hee!
April 10, 2006


We are strongly considering starting up a premium "Ad Free GameFAQs" service in the next few months, although probably not until after E3 in May. It'd be cheap, and paid members would get a few extras, probably like their own private board. Like I've said every time it's gotten brought up before, nothing on the site today you can do or see would be put behind a "pay" wall in any way; only new features would be premiums. Unlike all the times I've mentioned it before, this is much more likely to actually happen.


In other news, here are the reviews for the game I was ranting about last time, hot off SeƱor Bacon's presses:

Bouken-Ou Beet:


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Yay for overhyped DS games!
April 08, 2006

Okay. In the past week, I've seen three people playing their DS either on the subway or before lecture. They were all playing the same thing: Metroid Prime: Hunters. Now, I'm sure that MP:H is a fine game. But is a watered-down handheld version of Metroid Prime really worth the $34.99 that I'd need to shell out for it? The WiFi multiplayer ought to be decent, assuming that there isn't any lag, frequent disconnections or any of that other stuff that plagues Mario Kart DS. Bleh. I'll wait for it to go down in price before considering it.

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I'm baaaack....
March 18, 2006

Mwahaha! Haha ! Ha!...Yeah, as if anyone cares.

Okay, so my trip to Paris is finally over. Nothing like taking a week off and spending some time in a new place. I thought I'd have tons of free time to read and play a few DS games, but I was running on a pretty tight schedule up until two days ago. For simplicity's sake, here's a breakdown of what I did each day:

Thursday: Left San Franscisco International Airport, had a layover at JFK in New York, then arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

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