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I'm optimistic about the TT
June 26, 2009

Can I defeat EmP in single combat? Probably not.

But can Sash and Zipp defeat DoI and DE, respectively? I'm much more confident in this prospect.

All in all, I think our eloquently verbose team of TT rookies is off to a good start. The dark horse of the tournament, perhaps? We shall see.


It's wet.
June 21, 2009

By which I mean the weather here in Victoria. It's rainy and wet and cold, and summer has barely begun! Heck, we didn't even get a proper spring, between the snow and rain and...well, cold. It's been an unusually cold year here.

Aside, I think I've figured out how to approximate Celcius-Farrenheit conversions in my head. And the TT officially begins tomorrow, zomg.

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Friggin FF7
June 07, 2009

I swear the next time I see a 10/10 review for FF7 in the random box I'm going to go postal.

That, or write a long-overdue bash review.


Yesterday I played Sword of the Stars with Mecron
May 27, 2009

Yeah. I played a game with Kerberos' lead developer.


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Dear People Whose Email Addresses Are Like "john_smith_is@hostname.com"
May 05, 2009

You are not clever.


Filefront is shutting down :(
March 27, 2009




...wait a minute.

March 30th?

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Time for a logic lesson
February 24, 2009

Okay yeah, my two proofs are flawed. Duh. Like you can use logic to make theological statements at all.

But so far, all anybody's objected to is a premise. What the objections amount to is a discussion of semantics, but that's beside the point; if the only problem with the proof is with a premise, then the logic must be sound.

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