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BioWare accuses JRPGs of being repetitive and linear
December 21, 2009


Meanwhile, work continues on Dragon Age 2, Neverwinter Nights 3, and The Old Republic. AMIRITE GUISE?

Comedy gold. Thanks BioWare, you just can't make that shit up.


For posterity...
December 07, 2009

The mysterious preview EmP and I unearthed some weeks ago can now be found at http://www.honestgamers.com/previews/6/Kings-Bounty-The-Legend.html under the new site structure.


Honest Gamer Easter Egg?
November 05, 2009

So, while updating my entry for the Alphas, this happened:

[13:25] EmP: Have you seen where your King's Bounty link leads to?
[13:25] Will: I have not
[13:25] EmP: http://www.honestgamers.com/systems/content.php?game_id=35260&console_id=13&preview_id=6&refer_id=21443
[13:26] Will: What the...
[13:27] Will: Fixed. I think.
[13:27] Will: As for that link though
[13:27] Will: ....what the hell?
[13:28] EmP: No idea.
[13:28] Will: I'm bookmarking that


Thoughts on Borderlands
October 29, 2009




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Cooking with Will - Further Culinary Adventures
October 25, 2009

Today's dish is variation of The Quesadilla, constructed from what little food was still in my fridge.

1 (one) tortilla
Bacon (two or three strips)
1 (one) smallish avocado
1 (one) clove garlic
Lemon juice
Salsa (optional)

Chop garllic fairly fine. Pit avocado and remove from skin, apply lemon juice quickly to prevent oxidizing. Mash the fucker, add garlic, plus salt/pepper/paprika/whatever the hell sounds good - for those not in the know you're basically making a small quantity of guacamole.

Fry bacon in a pan large enough to accommodate your tortilla when unfolded. Meantime, spread guacamole on half your tortilla, add salsa if desired, finish with cheese. When bacon is desired crispiness remove from pan and place on top, then transfer tortilla to pan.

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Fun with Potatoes
October 04, 2009

Since I acquired a large (10 lb) bag of potatoes for about $4 last week, I have been scouring the interwebs to determine what sort of delicious things I can do with them. Here are my results so far:

Mashed potatoes - The obvious
Potato skins - Tasty way to dispose of the outsides once you mash the insides
Baked potato - Also obvious, but much quicker and thus better suited for a late-night snack
Twice baked potato - A combination of all three elements, so delicious it should be illegal
Scalloped potatoes - Cheese and potatoes is seldom bad
Potato wedges - Like baked, simple enough for snacking
Potato chips - More commonly known in North America as "french fries", but since I am neither French nor did I fry them I opted for the UK term

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Achievement Unlocked: Wikipedia Citation
September 16, 2009

Hey everybody, have a look at this wikipedia article.

See the References bit? See the list of reviews from prestigious gaming sites?

See the one from Honest Gamers thrown in with them? See my name next to it?

You're welcome.

Incidentally, here's a screenshot of my Reviews page last night. In particular, Sword of the Stars hits.

(Consolidated into a single post, because doubleposts are ze lame. Thanks, EmP, for pointing out the first one)


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