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ATTN: World
March 28, 2010

Decimate means to reduce a body of things (usually people) by one-tenth. Example: If you have fifty people in a company and five of them get laid off, then decimate is appropriate. If you're playing Starcraft and your main army is nearly wiped out by a Zerg rush, decimate is entirely inappropriate.

Decimate does not mean the same thing as, for example, destroy, or obliterate, or vastly reduce. It means quite the opposite, as a decimated body of population is 90% of its original size.

So stop misusing it.

That is all.


Will Discusses Movies, Asks a Favor
February 17, 2010

It's come to my attention (unwittingly) that, for some people, a movie is not a thing you sit down with a bunch of friends, watch, and then discuss after. Rather, for what I find a surprising portion of the population, a movie is something you put on in the background so you can chat with your friends and intermittently stare at a screen, presumably because your brain needs time to cool off between spurts of activity.

This sort of activity is best suited to films that repeat their key plot points and transition between scenes with giant fireballs and gunshots, so that it's easy for the audience to pick up and drop the story like they were playing Hot Potato. Also, dialogue is best used as filler, because the audience will be talking over it for most of the duration.

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Initial reaction to Star Trek online
February 06, 2010

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Other than that it's not horrible.

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Holy crap, I forgot to do a Year In Review!
February 01, 2010


I can see the resulting AIM conversation now. It'll go something like this:

EmP: Will!
EmP: I see you've posted a Year in Review
Will: Yes. Yes I have.
EmP: I also see that it's several weeks late, just like everyhting else you've ever written
Will: Oh, go learn to spell properly.


Statisticians report that 2009 featured a marked improvement in the quantity of Will the Great reviews hosted on the interweb, up almost 50% from last year's total of eight. Project Spam Spam Spam Spam, an ongoing effort to get free HG points direct traffic to the site via Facebook updates is partially accredited with the increased number of hits to Will reviews.

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Anybody remember Starflight, or Star Control 2?
January 30, 2010

Great games. Anyway exploration and resource-hunting in ME2 really, really reminds me of those two. Anybody else getting that?

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Happy new year, HG!
December 31, 2009


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Will's Initial Reaction to Arkham Asylum
December 27, 2009

You guys were right, this is fucking awesome.


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