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A Further Logical Proof
February 20, 2009

Taking the conclusion of my last proof as a premise of this one...

Premise 1: God is nobody
Premise 2: Nobody can do anything

God can do anything.

If God can do anything, God can exist.

God exists.

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A Logical Proof
February 18, 2009

Premise 1: God is all-knowing
Premise 2: If x knows of y, x must expect y

If God is all-knowing, God must know of the Spanish Inquisition
If God knows of the Spanish Inquisition, God must expect the Spanish Inquisition

God expects the Spanish Inquisition

Premise 3: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition

God is Nobody.

God does not exist


Silly EmP gave me an RPG to preview
February 10, 2009

I'm the RTS guy, not the generic fantasy RPG guy, jeez!

And to make matters worse he hasn't even entered the game into the database yet, so I must wait until he wakes up, reads this message, adds the game data, and I wake up a few hours later. Then and only then can I rid myself of this project and get on to what he assures me is a highly-respected sci-fi strategy title.

So if you happen to see the Mad Englishman, tell him to hop to it. I suppose I could just send off an HGmail (or even *gasp a regular email), but a blog post has the added benefit of letting other people laugh at the fact that OMG WILL DID AN RPG.


February 01, 2009

I write my best work ever, and drella picks his RotW week to go batshit insane.

Hurrah. Hey, maybe if I expand this blog entry and make some random references to a game I can submit it as a review and win the next RotW! Worked for this hmd, anyway!


What the hell...
January 19, 2009

What the hell...


Archival Woes
October 26, 2008

Why do my blog archives fail me before Febuary 6th of this year?


A New Challenger Approaches!
October 07, 2008

As is evident by the well-written GalCiv2 review currently in the focus window, HG HAS ANOTHER STRATEGY REVIEWER!

In light of my resistance to his nagging powers, EmP is clearly trying to muscle another of his pawns into my coveted niche as The Guy Who Reviews The Strategy Titles. Well I won't have it!

Let history show that, on this day, Will the Great challenges Melaisis to...A REVIEW-OFF.

So start writing those poems and ballads, people, because there might not be enough AWSUM to go around.


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