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Masturbation Synonym Generator
December 23, 2010

I know, I know, it's crass, but I swear it's hilarious. And that I came across it accidentally (I was trying to come up with synonym aliases, ie Michael Stone to Mickey Bricks).

Here's the link. As the paragraph at the bottom warns, some might make no sense at all (such as "Badgering Cheetah"), while others will be hilarious(such as "Rippin' the one-eyed postal worker out of his denim cell").

Do share any gems you come across.


Random AIM conversations, by Will the Great
October 10, 2010

[16:04] Will: Quick, give me a French-sounding name for a made-up country
[16:04] Will: like Orlais, but not Orlais
[16:04] Zeph: Canada
[16:04] Will: Fuck you


[16:06] Will: Help me think of a French-sounding name for a made-up country. Like Orlais, but not Orlais
[16:06] Will: And if you say Canada I will fucking murder you
[16:06] Gir: ...<.<
[16:06] Gir: Canadia
[16:07] Will: I fucking hate you

Some goodies from the Scars sealed deck event
September 25, 2010

Mox Opal:

Card value: $20-$40

Semblance Anvil:

Card value: $3-$5

Casting Myr Battlesphere on turn 4 and rolling out for 12 damage:


Other fun cards I walked away with:

[read the full post...]


Scars of Mirrodin prereleases tomorrow
September 24, 2010

I know there's a few Magic players here on HG. Anybody else planning to go to the prerelease events on the weekend?

New set mechanics look like a lot of fun, though I predict most players are going to draft Proliferate/Infect decks. Protip: Be ready to deal with that shizzle. Hate-draft Infect or gobble up Metalcraft, which I suspect will be underplayed and thus have a lot of good cards to pick from in the pools.


There is a nest of hornets inside my car
August 07, 2010

What the hell.

This is not cool in so many ways.

EDIT: The Conclusion

I attacked under cover of darkness armed with a spray-can of raid while the little bastards were asleep. I managed to coat both nests in a fine foam of death before retreating unharmed.

Tomorrow I will return with a broom to assess the damage. I should be able to remove both nests unhindered.


Every single one of the bastards died to my midnight raid, leaving none to guard the nests as I scraped them off. My car is now insect-free, and there's a little bonfire in the backyard where the nests are smouldering. Also there were a bunch of dead hornet larvae inside the nests. Ewwww...

Thanks for the moral support, everyone. Crisis resolved.


Thoughts on Dragon Age Awakening
August 07, 2010

Am I supposed to give a shit about these characters?


July 02, 2010

I think some of the fireworks here in Victoria were left over from the Olympics.

Highfive to my countrymen here at HG. I think there's, what, three of us?


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