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So I wrote a news story
November 05, 2011

Yep.Been an interesting week for SotS2. There's been news coverage of the fact that they're patching it like madmen, but most of the other stories I've read glossed over the reason why it needs such rapid patching. Since not everybody was around when all this stuff was happening, I thought it was important that somebody establish a narrative. I tried to be as fair as I could, balancing my own opinions and emotions about the launch and a very, very strong desire not to give Kerberos a harder time than they're getting already, while also being, y'know, a journalist and not pulling any punches about reporting what actually happened. Said opinions and emotions were half the reason I waited a week to publish - the other half being I wanted to wait and see how things developed.

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Will's reaction to Deus Ex 3
September 02, 2011

Holy shit.

They got this bang-on.


Dust 541 Anybody?
June 07, 2011


Basically, it's a MMOFPS by the same guys who did EVE Online that integrates into the existing EVE Online universe and interacts with the Tranquility server (which as some of you know runs on a single instance shard with a population of about 60,000).

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Screw EmP, what's Will playing this week?
April 27, 2011

Mechwarrior: Living Legends

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What's Will playing now?
April 13, 2011

I was going to do one of these last week, but computer shenanigans meant I spent a lot of it getting everything working again.

Moar EVE:

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Hey, what's that Will guy playing?
March 29, 2011

Yep, the internet spaceship game. Back in action with a new video card, I hung out on the test server with some alliance pals trying a new setup for a Dominix battleship. It may have been the shitty fits other people were using, but the space shoe sucked everything dry with a battery of six energy neutralizers and a good time was had by all.

Dragon Age 2:

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God damned Review of the Week...
January 12, 2011

You all make me jealous. Seriously. That's how good this week's submissions were.

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