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dj max portable 3 finally has a date!
September 11, 2010

PM Studios why can't you announce the release two months ahead of time instead month ack! $110 for the special package edition...seems more bare-bones packaging than their usual limited editions were they go all out with goodies..not feeling it this time...but i would get it just for the alternate slip cover with those cute anime girls...$70 more than regular edition....ohhhh i got a headache.

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turning into an Android
September 10, 2010

finally upgraded my cellphone to a smartphone. its an EVO. after a week of playing around with it, customizing it, getting apps from android market(yes i just had to get PSX4DROID), i am in love with it...but it's going to be at the expense of my game purchasing habits...which means i won't be buying many games from now on.

i'm going to miss out on Kirby's Epic Yarn and Hokuto No Ken Musou, Etrian Odyssey III, the new Castlevania game and the rest of those holiday blockbusters. instead, i will pare my list down to several games: DJ Max Portable 3 and Ys: Oath In Felghana, both for PSP!


the gameplay is much better than Ys VI.
August 20, 2010

and the music, i found its still possible to headbang while keeping up with the fast-paced action.


August 16, 2010

want to start doing reviews again....

in other news, YS Seven out tommorow! woohoo


not as cynical
July 15, 2010

this year is going to be the best year gaming has to offer on all platforms since 2004-05. without further ado, i'm going to list all of the upcoming games i'm looking forward to from now until the end of the year. also, going to list the games already out now that i've played or yet to play i'm interested in.

Arc Rise Fantasia
Metroid: Other M
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Epic Mickey

Dead Rising 2
Fable 3

Front Mission Evolved
LA Noire
Fallout New Vegas


That Etrian Odyssey III Artbook....
July 10, 2010

is really tempting me to get this game. i haven't got around to playing any of the games in the series yet.

also Dragon Quest 9 comes out tommorow yayyy more good RPGs for DS! just found out Ys Seven on PSP is coming out sooner than i thought in August! ahhhh, got to break the piggy bank

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(Untitled Post)
July 04, 2010

got me a 2000 wii point card. with the 500 point card i got from preordering Sin and Punishment Star Successor plus the 400 remaining balance.

with 2900 points now....i can get two wiiware games that i'm curious to try out.

World of Goo & Cave Story

are there any better games you would recommend over those two?


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