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Deus Ex: HR - Review Augmentation
October 10, 2011

I have now completed the Deus Ex: HR review, and I have done it without talking at length about oblique comparisons with the original. *bows*

In any case. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is made by a very new studio. It's a somewhat daring project. And you expect some sort of fault somewhere when it comes to polish, plot, or some of the technical solutions.

That thankfully didn't happen with DE:HR. In terms of presentation, the game is very polished, and the only thing you really notice with the game is that the cutscenes between the missions are pre-rendered sequences in different detail than the in-game scenes (it's a low-res upscale or very compressed video of some sort).

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Cute girl playing sometimes erotic ninja action game on a 3ds
September 21, 2011

Senran Kagura... "War of Gods".. "Goddess battleground?". No idea... played by a cute girl on the link.

Have to admit that this is pretty hilarious.


August 22, 2011

And I was the winner, I guess :/

Anyway. So this means, ladies and gentlemen, that my blog is competing with the TOTAL NUMBER OF VIEWS of ALL MY REVIEWS PUT TOGETHER.


Lander - review supplement
August 14, 2011

Lander came out in 1999 - the same year as Freespace 2, X-Wing Alliance, System Shock 2, Half Life, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. Baldur's Gate as well came out late 1998.

In other words, we've just seen the first 2d engines gain 3d acceleration with 3dfx cards. And the competition is turning up with other variants that don't use Glide. Graphics acceleration is about to become standard - but a game that wants to sell would need to have it as an option.

Lander also came on dvd. The cd-rom version was sold along with the dvd-version in some countries, I think.

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Fancy Pants Adventures - review-supplemental
August 06, 2011

So, Fancy Pants first made it's debut on Armorgames.. or maybe Newgrounds, I'm not sure which. But Brad Borne gets sponsorship money from ArmorGames, so maybe it was there.

Then again, it uses TommyLM's music and API's soundbank from Newgrounds - so maybe Newgrounds has an amount of ownership as well. It doesn't really matter, I suppose.

It's a flash-based game, but when it showed up it was a level above the other games on the portals - and really above most of the professionally made flash-games as well.

Like mentioned in the review, it's basically a two-dimensional drawing, and the edges and curves are the platforms you run on.

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***hole blows up the government quarter in Oslo.
July 22, 2011

So at 3.40pm or so today, the windows blew out of the buildings in about three blocks in each direction from the blast. Seems a car full of a perchlorate compound variant exploded in the alley behind the government office building. By some fantastic string of luck, this didn't actually set the block on fire as well.

Soon after, another asshole (or perhaps the same guy) took a trip to "Utøya" outside the capital, where the Labor party's youth organisation (Labour is currently running the government) is having their summer-camp. And started shooting people at random.

The deaths at this point counts to 7 confirmed, and some more critical conditions. Numerous small injuries from debris and glass after the blast in the city. As well as gunshot wounds from the other episode.

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Lair - review-supplemental
July 19, 2011

So in the series: “fleinn reviews ps3 games that no one played” (I promise it will be back to more normal reviews next time), we've finally come all the way back to the first ps3 launch-title.

Technically the title does two very interesting things. The first is to show that 1080p gaming is possible without making visual compromises. In fact, Lair raises the bar several levels when it comes to view distances, animation and model complexity - above titles with lower resolution. And this shouldn't be possible, according to experts.

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