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Dangerous fantasies..
July 09, 2010

As Wittgenstein might have said - playing games is serious. :p

But the point is still a good one - fantasies is a large part of growing up, and then later for shaping your perceptions and your life. Taking this fact seriously is not out of place.

"Plus, even if you never watch TV, never go to the movies, and never read, you're still subjected to fantasy."


Searching for non-violent games..
July 05, 2010

...seemed to be an exercise in folly. So here's a list of games (casual sports-games not welcome) that are not necessarily violent.. or.. at least don't encourage you to be a serial killer. You have games like Deus Ex, where it's at least possible to solve a majority of the game satisfyingly without violence. Or System Shock 2, which is not about shooting as such, but about exploring the ship you're on. Successful thriller-games like these were made - and yet, they are also about murdering things, and oriented around ways to kill things most efficiently. What games turned up that focus exclusively on different things?

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Interview with NIS America's president..
July 02, 2010
Once we got Last Rebellion we realized it was not the kind of title we should release in the United States because of its quality. I feel really sorry for our customers because we released that title. Thatís why I told Nao (PR Manager) we have to release the announcement for Last Rebellion, but never push that title. We cannot say itís a really great title. We felt really sorry, but we had no choice to release that.

From now on, even though we fund a title, we will not release it if the quality is not good enough.

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Reading about games..
July 01, 2010 usually a terrible experience. It's not so strange that it is either, because what would you be writing about, after all? It's just like books, or films - it's cheap thrills people enjoy, so why shame yourself by delving into it to lay that fact bare?

Oh, well - let's see what we have here.

Would it be a small tale about sitting alone, playing the strings of your customized virtual puppet? Along with an explanation for why grown men still play with dolls, just by a different name?

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PS3 update comes with floaty buttons.
June 30, 2010

I'm not going to reward Sony for prioritizing the shameless commercial offerings over adding value to the original firmware like they promised. Still don't have a scheduler for downloads, a movie service, lost linux, no screenshot tool, music playback, voice messages, cross game chat, more hd status messages, less switching to read messages, no threading for messages, no new codecs, etc, etc. So no psn+ for me.

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Simon Viklund's Final Fight remaster
June 29, 2010

-direct link, zipped mp3s, go get it.

I've always though that remastered arcade music was pointless and shameful - until I heard this.

It seems like what he's doing is to update the "instruments" in the original music, and then play back the splice about in the same way as the original soundtrack. Brilliant.

Aaargh. Won't anyone publish this thing!
April 24, 2010

So here's the story. I'm a moderator for a file-sharing portal. I've been active in the scene for some time, though mostly as a spectator.

And I've managed to secure access to the guy who was an admin for one of the file-sharing portals who took the fight over hosting hash-links to the courts six years ago. Long before Pirate Bay really was anything.

The criminal case against him was thrown out immediately back in the long long ago. But because of the way in which the local dutch economic investigative bureau had launched the case, simply dismissing the case altogether was not an option for either the investigative bureau, or the private organisation that instigated the initial arrest and raised the charge.

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