Invalid characterset or character set not supported ***hole blows up the government quarter in Oslo.

***hole blows up the government quarter in Oslo.
July 22, 2011

So at 3.40pm or so today, the windows blew out of the buildings in about three blocks in each direction from the blast. Seems a car full of a perchlorate compound variant exploded in the alley behind the government office building. By some fantastic string of luck, this didn't actually set the block on fire as well.

Soon after, another asshole (or perhaps the same guy) took a trip to "Ut°ya" outside the capital, where the Labor party's youth organisation (Labour is currently running the government) is having their summer-camp. And started shooting people at random.

The deaths at this point counts to 7 confirmed, and some more critical conditions. Numerous small injuries from debris and glass after the blast in the city. As well as gunshot wounds from the other episode.

The government offices building is right in the middle of Oslo, surrounded by apartment complexes, restaurants and shopping streets. Which would be busy even during vacation time, and after work hours.

"Ut°ya", and the labour party's summer-camp is basically all their young members out on vacation - out on a relatively small island, right outside the city bay. You get there, as well as leave by boat only.

So who is this asshole? A muslim terrorist perhaps? An ungrateful minority immigrant? An Afghani war-refugee? A frothing Islamic scholar, seeking to undermine the west and all that liberty and freedom stands for?

Not exactly - the guy is an ethnic Norwegian. Blonde hair, white, 190cm high. The guy involved in the shooting on Ut°ya was dressed in a police-uniform.

I mean, really. I cannot express enough gratitude for all the good things the far righteous have given us over the last ten years.

edit: the police have now adjusted the number of dead after the Ut°ya incident to around 80. Fuck.

more edit: turns out the guy, Anders Breivik, was a member of the biggest conservative right party in Norway for more than five years. Held leadership positions in the youth-wing. Ended the membership in 2007. He's fan of right-wing blogs of the tea-bag flavour variety, and active on Jihadwatch.

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