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White Kinght Chronicles 2, #3
June 01, 2011

Hm.. well. Combo-system.

The combo-system is based on, basically, that you should hit something with a few normal strikes, fill up the AP bar, and then spend them on executing combos. The combos are made up of the different basic attacks.

There's not.. that much variation you can have. Specially in the beginning. And then when it comes to performing the aerial combos, the moves are more limited again. Still - if you wanted a particular set of three-four moves or so, it's possible to set it up. The problem is that you might not want that. The creatures usually have one single weakness, and it doesn't actually change during a knock-back or something of that sort. So there's no real strategic point to having a bunch of stagger-moves followed by slashes to weak areas, etc.

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White Knight Chronicles 2 #2
June 01, 2011

The age-rating.

Apparently the PEGI rating on the first game is 16, while the second is 12. So, basically, the second game is rated 16 because it also contains WKC1.

It's getting a high rating for apparently.. encouraging tobacco and alcohol-abuse. As well as the realistic looking killing.

And no amount of ridiculous plot-exposition is going to outweigh that, apparently. We're talking more extreme than Dragon Quest IV here so far. "Oh, no, that ceiling caved in in front of us, and we have to stop and gawk at it, even though we can just run past it. Which we will do now that we've been shocked for three seconds, which was two and a half second too long". I swear, the director should be shot.

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White Knight Chronicles 2 #1
June 01, 2011

Disc arrived today. The cover is nice. The White Knight from the first game is placed further towards the back, which meshes much better with the WKCII header, as well as the incredible amount of other stuff on the box. We now have.. Two ps3 only logos. One Sony logo, a blu-ray, and two psn blurbs, as well as the PEGI/ESRB rating.

The Knight's cape has seen some wear since the last time.

Other than that, it's the normal "ps3 exclusive" method for install. It's about 5Gb, takes some 10 minutes to complete, in absolute silence.

On the title-screen, a traditional instrument of indeterminable geographical origin plays a slow tune. And that's probably the only place other than the title screen I'm going to escape the English voice-over, since it's only an instrumental.

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Semi-technical Tumble-supplemental.
May 27, 2011

So I keep telling people that Tumble and the move-controller are brilliant. I start it up on the title-screen, and I turn my wrist without moving the bulb very far, and the pointer dutifully floats down in the far left corner. And people say: What's so special about that? That's what you expect, isn't it. And I say: Exactly!

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White Knight Chronicles 2
May 27, 2011

So, Nordisk Film (the distributor of all things Playstation in Norway, Sweden and Finland) promised me a promo-copy. So with any luck, I'll be playing this game on the 8th.Seems the game is a bit too big to review in one chunk, though, so I think I'm going to write a bunch of random stuff as I play it, and jot down some details. And then write the full review later, once I think I've played the game enough.A couple of things..-up to 6 player co-op. No idea how this is pieced together, or if it's possible to run around recruiting people at random. Possibly non-combat areas will be visible to everyone on the server, the combat areas will be individual for the party, etc.-EU and US players on the same servers. Japan, who have played the game for over a year, have their own servers..

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Phantasy Star Online 2 .. official trailer
May 02, 2011

So.. ah.. awesome. Sugoi.

Modest hardware requirements for the alpha probably means a console-port. Haven't heard anything from SEGA. PSU on the 360 had a good run. Hopefully they'll figure out something similar to the ps2/PC link for the ps3.. that would be great.

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Fancy Pants Adventures out tomorrow :)
April 19, 2011


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