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What in the nether hells did I just watch..?
July 15, 2011

As usual, there's absolutely nothing on sega's press-site in the way of news about Phantasy Star Online 2.

Instead, there's a long list of new trailers for "Captain America: Super Soldier".

I mean...

.. what? Seriously. I've read the comic, but what..?

Just look at this!

Dungeon Siege 3 review supplemental.
June 27, 2011


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Moonstone "retrospective" at Eurogamer
June 19, 2011

"Not just because it's a great game, although it undoubtedly is, but because it represents a time when the design boundaries were tighter, the obstacles taller, and developers had to invent new ways to get past them. "

Link all catch the Moonstone wave :D Amiga is where it's at! The nineties, baby! Cocaine, silly pop-music.. and Moonstone.

Seriously, though. Good article. Touch on a few things about design limitations and presentation. And how what was available was used to do as much as possible.

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Yess!! It's a good game! :p
June 18, 2011

So... Dungeon Siege 3 seems really interesting. And.. continues to be so for the first four or so hours..

Anyone else playing Dungeon Siege 3?


White Knight Chronicles 2, end of first week..
June 07, 2011

Ok, then. After a week of WKC2 I have now been subjected to terrors such as you have never seen. As well as the most ridiculous story ever written (until my review is done - I promise it will be more ridiculous per word than even this game).

And I've chronicled (ahaha..) a few things on my blog here while I've been playing. So if you're looking for a preview of the game for the release tomorrow, that might be something (find the blog by clicking on my screen-name).

But if you have any sort of questions about the game (such as "why in the world are you still playing this game if it's so horrible"), and can't wait for the review - feel free to ask. :)

White Knight Chronicles 2, #5
June 07, 2011

Good god, finally finished the first campaign.

It's been a trainwreck, and I can safely say that the story and screenplay in the first rivals the ridiculousness of Final Fantasy 13.

The game is, however, not as completely without merit as FF13. By that I mean the game has an MMO aspect, it has customisation for combos, and it has a quest-system that updates over the inter-wire. So as a fantasy game, it's not actually completely ridiculous.

It is, however, as tedious and full of clichés as the worst thinkable opera-performance. So as a review I'm going to write "The Ballad of Ballandor" (on the Ballan-double), and leave it at that.

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White Knight Chronicles 2, #4
June 02, 2011

The real reason for the ESRB/PEGI rating..

So I've been wondering about what in the world the panel has been watching to end up with a 16 year rating. There's a sleazy rabbit-guy who drinks too much and sleeps on the job.

There are some deaths happening. And they are of the kind that could have been handled with more care. Frankly, the entire script could have been handled with more care, but that's how it goes, I guess..

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