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1up's feature interview with Yu Suzuki
December 07, 2010


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The uncreative process (Warioware edition)
December 04, 2010

This was a terrible review to write. I had a few things that I wanted to have in there, such as:
1. the game is unplayable if I'm sober. The game isn't any less silly, it's just not fun any more. Or.. it's a game that actually is possible to play when hysterically bombed, so it's comparatively not so fun when you're sober.

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Emergent narratives
November 18, 2010

"Tell Your Own Damn Stories! Games, Overreading and Emergent Narrative"


It's an article about how to tell stories - focusing on the inevitable amount of narrative that people put into the events they see in front of them.

I don't agree with what the guy says of games or film in terms of emergent narratives - there's always a combination of setting and narrative devices that create a good story in the minds of the audience.

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Down in a hole
November 13, 2010

Bury me softly in this womb
I give this part of me for you
Sand rains down and here I sit
Holding rare flowers
In a tomb...in bloom

Down in a hole and I don't know if I can be saved
See my heart I decorate it like a grave
You don't understand who they
Thought I was supp-osed to be
Look at me now, a man
Who wont let himself be

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KZ3 preview...
November 05, 2010

..ok. This is perhaps the single most depressing thing I've seen in a long while. The game's broken. Half of the abilities clearly don't work as intended, the game doesn't handle lag at all. The framerate is shot when you have just four-five players on the screen. The contols - while nice and smooth - has nothing good going for them in this game.

Obviously, being a Sony game, the LMG is woefully overpowered to the point it's just laughable. And there's also the mandatory auto-aim to compensate for the warping. Note that the warping actually is there in a bot only match as well. I kid you not - the transitions between the animation states are that bad.

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Linux - the easy and functional way.
November 02, 2010

So here's a small capture of linux w/compiz fusion running on my Eee.


It's a basic Linux Mint 9 distro with a gnome desktop environment.

The menu-bar with the icons, similar to what you get in the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, was done by adding the "maximus" window-manager to start at boot. As well as adding the "window-picker-applet" to the gnome panel.

Presto, result is an efficient and good-looking desktop.

And none of this requires you to do anything magical, and all of it is available through the package manager or a graphical front-end.

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Want an EA Store discount code..? :/
October 28, 2010

..uh. Yeah.. *cough*

So I've been raging a lot at EA support lately, because of two things:

1. Three days after I posted my Bad Company 2 review, they patched the servers to have a load-balancing scheme that allows you to connect to any server from anywhere on the planet, with any kind of connection.

This is done so EA will save money on server space, being able to use overseas server space for load-balancing during peak-times. This lowers the number of slots they need to maintain at all times.

The drawback is that the game will always lag - either because you are on a server far away. Or because someone else in on a server far away while you're not.

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