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a 26 yr old rock music loving gaming freek who is also a freelancer for i am from Pakistan and have been writing abt games for about 3 yrs now. besides writing for HonestGamers i also write game related articles and game reviews for DAWN which is the leading English newpaper of Pakistan. is the link to my latest article.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 08, 2010

well the subject of this post does say it all so if u havent got your hands on this game then do yourself a favor and please do......

this is what u get when u combine burnout and need for speed.......

but the worst event of the game is Rapid Response which is basically a Burnout Lap/Time Trial event in a police car where u are penalized for crashing into traffic or into side railings etc.....this is supposed to be NEED FOR SPEED.....why am i being told to drive carefully??????????


new Tomb Raider revealed......
December 07, 2010


"Square Enix has lifted the lid on its new vision for one of its biggest franchises, announcing Tomb Raider, an origins tale that goes back to the roots of Lara Croft."

"A piece of artwork reveals a Lara that's markedly different to the one that's fronted the Tomb Raider games since 1995"

the artwork is AWESOME and i think its a real person.....

more from

"Forget everything you knew about Tomb Raider," said developer Crystal Dynamic's Studio Head Darrell Gallagher. "This is an origins story that creates Lara Croft and takes her on a character defining journey like no other."

already forgotten :D


a videogame based on the movie Inception.....who is gonna explain the story of that game to me???? :P
December 01, 2010

if the movie was so confusing just imagine how confusing the game is gonna be.....combine it with the fact that games based on movies suck, this is going to be one confusing sucky mess.......


its going to be a good few months for racing games......vrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooommmmmmmm <----- engine sound.....
November 29, 2010

NFS: Hot Pursuit just came out and its an awesome game.....loving it MUCH......though i wish the cars werent awarded to you but u had to buy them like previous NFS games....thats the Burnout touch there.....

Also Gran Turismo 5 just came out....1000 cars and 75 cars.....cant say much more coz i dont have a PS3....

Test Drive Unlimited and NFS:Shift Unleashed are also right around the i guess its going to be a good few months of racing....

not to 4get DiRT might be something like Split/Second......

ladies and gentlemen.....START YOUR ENGINES!!!!!!!!!!!

1 of the FUNNIEST videos ever
November 25, 2010

Club Cant Handle Me (Indian Style)

Played Zombies in CoD:Black Ops for the 1st time and liked it
November 25, 2010

ok so when u are done with the single player campaign and skip the credits, u get to see a hilarious and awesome cutscene.......not describing it here coz it would spoil the fun of seeing it for yourself.......after that u are taking to some presidential room where u get to fight the undead on your own.......with power-ups, guns, revive etc.....

but once i died and i quit the game, i couldnt play that mode again......i wonder where it went.....


Gran Turismo 5 gets an 8.5 by IGN
November 25, 2010

hmmmmmmmmm.....5-6 years in the making and the game gets an 8.5........i was expecting something near the 10 mark coz polyphony is all about perfection and i guess that 5-6 should give u enough time to make something spectacular......

seems like Gran Turismo 5 has ended up being a documentary about cars rather than a game......


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