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a 26 yr old rock music loving gaming freek who is also a freelancer for i am from Pakistan and have been writing abt games for about 3 yrs now. besides writing for HonestGamers i also write game related articles and game reviews for DAWN which is the leading English newpaper of Pakistan. is the link to my latest article.

Episodes from Liberty City comes to the PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 12, 2010

finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned arrive on the PC today.................aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh <-------- excited much......cant wait to revisit Liberty City.....

$15 for the Stimulus Package....WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 11, 2010

3 new maps and 2 re-makes is what the Stimulus Package is all about...the latest Call of Duty (COD): Modern Warfare 2 DLC......and what amazes me is the steep price tag of $15.....FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!and the map pack broke all 1st day and 1st week records on Xbox Live.......what is wrong with people?????why r we paying such a high price for such lame ass cheap content......i guess this map pack is what is paying for the lawsuit going on at the COD studios.....

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April 09, 2010

Relationships are like farts...If you push too hard, things could get messy!!

April 08, 2010

So i bought a new stick of deodorant yesterday.Instructions said: REMOVE CAP AND PUSH UP BUTTOM.........I can barely walk, but whenever I fart the room smells lovely......

Facebook is a female!!!!!
April 07, 2010

After using Facebook for a couple of years i have come to the conclusion that Facebook is definitely a FEMALE....every time i think i have her figured out....she CHANGES!!!!!!

2 games that need a next-gen makeover
April 06, 2010

Earthworm Jim and Fear Effect definitely need a next-generation outing in my opinion......

Earthworm Jim was an awesome platformer during the days of the Sega Mega Drive....the humor, the actions, the objectives....everything was so unique and funny about it.....

Fear Effect on the PSone was also quite good and different....cel-shaded, it had no health meter but a fear meter which was basically your heart beat u took damage it starting beating faster and u died if u took too much damage....there were no health pick ups in the game...the fear died down once u cleared a it was tough, rewarding and used a combination of stealth and guns.....and the heroine was a lesbian (which was something new in a game for me)....this one shud definitely make a come-back.....


1 Question
April 05, 2010

if u cud ask God just one question what wud it be??????

if i cud ask God just 1 question, i'd ask why she isnt here with me......

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