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a 26 yr old rock music loving gaming freek who is also a freelancer for i am from Pakistan and have been writing abt games for about 3 yrs now. besides writing for HonestGamers i also write game related articles and game reviews for DAWN which is the leading English newpaper of Pakistan. is the link to my latest article.

my unhappy friend
April 27, 2010 how do u make a friend happy who seems to be unhappy all the time?????.....and i mean ALL THE TIME......maybe its our definition of happiness that really makes us happy or unhappy......wat makes me happy she asked and i said a lot of things....a meaningful conversation, a honest msg from a person that matters...but thats just how i make her happy......she says season 3 of Gossip Girls will make her happy....oh well.....a friend's gotta do what a friend's gotta do......dont mind the apostrophes.......

oh and my fone is broken too ..... :P
April 27, 2010

4got to mention this in my last post.....last weekend was all about malfunctioning stuff for new...yes new samsung genoa (awesome fone btw) also developed a fault on its touch screen....strangely a black spot appears on the screen when i touch it :S
the good thing was its still in warranty so lets hope it gets fixed for free ....*fingers crossed*

on the gaming side......i think im going to get the 9800 GT once again.....cant wait to play Just Cause 2 and Episodes from Liberty City.....

and my graphics card died!!!!
April 26, 2010

sadly after 15 months my beloved 9800 GT breathed its last breath last saturday while trying to run GTA IV: Episodes from Liberty now im thinking....should i buy the same card again coz i love the 9800 GT or maybe buy the XFX GeForce PCX GTS 250- 1 GB, 256-Bits.......any suggestions????


My Shattered Horizon review is up and running :)
April 26, 2010

it took some time for the review of Shattered Horizon to come online but it is finally up and running.....its been a while since i have written for Honestgamers so do check out the review and leave feedback if u can....wud mean a lot....also check out my other reviews that i have written for Honestgamers.
link to the review:

Its better to have loved and lost????Bullshit
April 23, 2010

so was crazy abt a girl for like 2.5 years and when i finally got the courage to tell her, she told me she was abt Alfred Tennyson, the guy who said 'it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all' must have been a loser at love too coz winners dont say crappy quotes, they are busy celebrating their victory, it's the losers who need excuses....


Finished Metro 2033
April 23, 2010

yayyyyyyyyyyyy....finally finished Metro 2033 yesternight.....its been a while since i finished a game...i think this was the 1st game i have finished in april :O.......feels good.....ive heard that the game has an alternate ending but for some reason i can never get myself around to playing a game twice....mass effect 2 can have different outcomes and so can bioshock 2 have a different ending but didnt bother trying......

WEEKEND.....but no plans
April 22, 2010

no plans for the weekend this time: no eating out, no movies, .....just sitting at home, relaxing and gaming as much as possible......taking it slow.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

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