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a 26 yr old rock music loving gaming freek who is also a freelancer for i am from Pakistan and have been writing abt games for about 3 yrs now. besides writing for HonestGamers i also write game related articles and game reviews for DAWN which is the leading English newpaper of Pakistan. is the link to my latest article.

4got to mention 1 IMP. thing
November 21, 2007

and by the way Assassin's Creed is an excellent game. ignore the ratings and play the game whenever u get the chance.

Gamescores. Do games really need them?
November 21, 2007

Assassin's Creed gets a 7/10 on and a 9/10 on Gamespot!!!!!!??????????? whats going on here?clearly something is wrong.who am i to trust?so i think to myself maybe it's time game sites and magazines stopped awarding gamescores. reviews are just opinions so why cant we keep them just that. why do we have to assign numbers to opinions?
Game sites and magazines should ONLY write about what they found good and bad about the game and let the reader decide whether the game is worth buying or not WITHOUT gamescores.and how am i to differentiate between 2 games where one gets an 8.9 and the other gets a 9.0? what did one of the games do to get a score that is only 0.1 higher than the other. will that 0.1 difference affect my buying decision if it affects it at all?

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Pro-Gaming; What's all the fuss about?
November 15, 2007

So you think that you are the best player of Counter-Strike in your neighborhood? Do you believe that no one can score better goals than you when it comes to the FIFA soccer series? Or when it comes to Real Time Strategy games other gamers hesitate when it comes to competing against you? How would you like to earn money and also travel the world while you beat others at their own game? If you like the sound of that then let me introduce you to a career choice that might be right up your ally. I'm talking about Professional Gaming or E-Sports.

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Positive effects of playing videogames on your brain.
November 15, 2007

As we move further into the 21st century, the gaming industry yearly expands in size and complexity. From hardcore gamers the reach of this medium is growing to more casual and generally non-game-playing people. Increasing in popularity with each passing day videogames, one could conclude, are becoming the entertainment choice of this, and upcoming, generations.

This is exactly the reason more and more researchers are studying how games affect our brains, behavior, and social relations. There seem to only have been two kinds of researches. On the one hand there are those that tell us games are bad for us (which most of you, I am sure, are familiar with).

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