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At HonestGamers, we believe that the full 10-point scale exists for a reason. Every number, from 1 to 10, should be used when a game warrants it. We recognize that there is no such thing as a perfect game, and there's no such thing as a completely useless game, but that doesn't mean two numbers should be banned from use. We also don't believe that video games are in school, so a 7 doesn't mean a game is just average. If you'd like additional information about what each of our numbers mean, look below.

1 (Horrible)
You'll have to search so hard to find any positives that we're unsure why you'd even bother.

2 (Very Bad)
This project is barely a game, and is fundamentally flawed. Avoid it.

3 (Bad)
You likely don't want to play this. The gameplay is quite bad, making the game not worth even a rental.

4 (Needs Work)
For the most part, nothing stands out as a positive. This game does some things right, but not enough.

5 (Okay)
See also: mediocre, average, forgettable. It makes little impression, either bad or good.

6 (Fairly Good)
Just barely better than the average filler, but it may appeal to you if you can overlook some mediocrity.

7 (Good)
For the most part, a good game. It has its share of flaws, but you should find it quite enjoyable at times.

8 (Very Good)
Does enough things right that you'll likely enjoy yourself throughout the experience. Recommended.

9 (Excellent)
Most of this game's elements come together beautifully. It's an experience you'll want to have.

10 (Incredible)
The majority of games simply aren't this good. It's a standount experience you'd be crazy to miss.

Keep in mind that user reviews are rated by users and may not adhere strictly to the above guidelines. Every writer is different, and every writer with the requisite skills can be heard at HonestGamers!

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