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I'm writing a(nother) book...
January 21, 2017

I wanted to get all political about games, and I will, but with all of the turmoil, I decided instead to get down to work. I've found that's the best way to deal with things. Act, don't complain. So here I am, not complaining.

Yes Trump is a problem, and even after he's gone - in one month, one year, whatever - the underlying issue will remain. So, my response is to counter him by telling a good story.

I've not mentioned it until now, but I've actually self-published four books in the last two years. Sales? They didn't move a single volume until I dropped their prices to free. The experiment was a success, though, and now I know more about where to target my works.

Check it out if you're curious: http://www.smashwords.com/interview/hastypixels/

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Chrono Trigger - One Ending Will Do
January 04, 2017

Where I Began
I have a vague recollection of the first time I picked up a Super Nintendo Entertainment System controller that vaulted me into Chrono’s distinctive reality. Memory can be vague, and I could imagine that it was in the company of a friend, or with a “Rental” sticker on the cartridge; perhaps it was the time I relived the adventure in retelling to another Role Playing Game fan who had yet to discover the ground breaking, time travelling tale.

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The Important Role of Memory
January 04, 2017

On the subject of game archival and the ever fluctuating stor(e)mfront of publisher release malpractice, people who remember how it used to be, and how it needs to be, serve an important role.

I was reminded of this when reading your review of Final Fantasy XIII, Jason. I couldn't get away from my distasteful experience with the PC port. I pre-ordered it ... first time ever, and never again ... and was let down in so many ways. I don't know if you heard, but it cemented the attitude players have toward Square-Enix as a negligent publisher.

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Games I Enjoyed in 2016
December 29, 2016

Games I Enjoyed in 2016

I don’t see any point in sticking to what’s popular; my backlog has too many excellent titles waiting in the wings to be explored. So, without further ado, I present my list of games I enjoyed – and why I enjoyed them - during the pre-apocalyptic year that 2016 as we bid it farewell. Presented in no particular order.

Stardew Valley
This is the gentleplayer’s counter argument to brutal action, white knuckle twitch play, terror and stress management. More of a life simulation with a farming focus, simplified and boiled down into a more digestible interactive reality. This game does a fine job of spreading the good will that seems in such short supply, these days. Breed animals instead of hate.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme

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Cordwainer Bird might have something to say ...
December 28, 2016

Poking around for a game for my Mom - yes, she's an avid gamer, haven't I mentioned she's the primary talent behind the ACME Resource Pack? No? Okay. We both adored Dust: AET a couple of years ago, and I'm still on the hunt to repair or replace my PS3 which has unceremoniously desoldered its components for me so she can play Journey.

Oh we do love pretty graphics and a good story. So, I turned back to a game that caught my attention nearly a year ago - when it launched. Ori and the Blind Forest. I had to put down Stardew Valley for it, but no one really got across just how amazing Ori is. I wonder if I'm the only one who "gets it", sometimes ... but then I met you guys.

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School's out ...
December 12, 2016

I know I'm not alone in this situation. However, I had another thought ... as I've been updating my own Patreon page, I noticed that the HonestGamers.com patreon has no posts whatsoever.

A case of too much to do, I know. However ... maybe we can devise a way of cross posting, somehow? At the very least links to Staff reviews would be nice to see there, so that Patreonizers could see the site's activity.

Any thoughts?

I think I'll go try a game I haven't played yet ...


Really Dang Useful Site Features
December 07, 2016

So, I've noticed that goal setting has helped me focus my time, and prepare me for the reviews I intend to write. I've actually made good progress in my replay of HL2: Episode Two - which really is enjoyable, thanks to hard work and well placed tension. Whilst poking around the HG blogs, I noticed this "games" thing.

Rather to the point, I filled out as many of the games I could from my collection (I have over 500 Steam games, which is frankly, absurd). According to the listings on HG, I can review just about anything and it'll be new to this site. That is awesome. It also helps me choose what games to focus on when I do sit down to play ... being in the mood to have a critical mindset, 'cause we know that's not always possible.

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