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Stardew Valley doesn't have to end...
April 05, 2018

Stardew Valley is a unique game in the North American gaming market, having accomplished what Harvest Moon has failed to do with many sequels on nearly every commercially available gaming platform. Widespread acceptance and demand have turned it into a household game along the likes of Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog and the entirety of Dark Souls. Yet it has an open ending and a soothing capacity that sets it apart from its kin. Unfortunately its open ended nature leaves the player with nothing to do but start another farm. What if there was another option?

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Ever try to tie your shoes without any energy?
March 25, 2018

I have been sick for the last month, less and more sick than I have been in the last, maybe, ten years? The very idea of mustering energy to do anything more strenuous than manipulate a controller (or two, more on that in a moment) has sent be straight to bed. Really.

Boy am I glad I got a Nintendo Switch. It's been my best console purchase decision since the PlayStation 2. My PS3? You mean the one whose motherboard I have to bake in order to... forget it. Not happening. Thank you Nintendo for getting this one so very right!

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I'm not dead!
December 06, 2017

So I started working at an "Amazon Fullfilment Center", or... you know... warehouse, long hours during peak season. The money is good, but 60 hours a week has but a serious damper on any reviews I'd hoped to do. Sorry Jason, I'll get to that re-write when things settle down enough. By the way, my new bed is absolutely splendid.

On the games front, I have picked up some new titles, but obviously haven't put much time into anything apart from my 2DS. Etrian Odyssey IV is really good, but I'm having a darned time with quests I can't complete. I doubt I'll be reviewing this one. The remastered soundtrack is quite the treat, especially considering I was already a fan of it's original incarnation.

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I'd hoped to have a review ready...
October 24, 2017

At least if I'm going to ramble, I might as well give you something nice to look at. That's one of the screencaps I didn't have a chance to use for my Hob review because I uploaded them too late for my patience and appointed bed time.

No one to blame, that's all on me. I knew I had a review to post. I'm getting better at this, gradually, but that's not what this post is about. For once I'm going to talk games. All that redacted stuff was an entirely too cerebral and overused joke, but it's obvious now I've started to do Freelance reviews.

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The 2DS is nicer than I thought it would be...
October 10, 2017

Having just plowed through [redacted] I'm eager to get on with other [redacted] titles. I must admit it's different playing in that sort of mindset. Somehow you have to decide if you're enjoying it as much as [redacted]. It's not as easy as I thought, though I did play Virginia with that approach mind, and felt comfortable reviewing it. So... nothin' to worry about there.

So yeah, I bought a 2DS, and though it's flat the shoulder buttons feel like they might survive longer than the ones on my ol' 3DS. I guess I need to start looking for a wide boy or something, because screenshots? Um, yeah, I don't even. I might, but... hrm. I haven't even lined up what I'm reviewing next, yet.

Though I did [redacted], so that's something.

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So I decided on a Switch...
September 29, 2017

Mind you that doesn't mean I won't be picking up a 2DS, either. Breath of the Wild was interesting to look at, but an unreasonable proposition for me. It's really an odd match for a minimalist system, but I'm glad it did turn out to be a hit for Zelda fans. It may be one of those that suffers in retrospect, but for now everyone loves it. And that's a good thing, for Nintendo.

The point I'm languishing about is how much time I have to play. Looking at future reviews (and no spoilers about those for now), the Switch is a good match. I won't be carrying it around outside of the house, to be sure, but its library is beginning to be appealing to me. When the big publishers do not placate, Indies are given wing to flourish. That's good news for The Rest of Us.

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Goodby, AMD.
September 26, 2017

Enough is enough. At some point you've got to face facts and AMD messed things up. I've stood by them for a long time, but the FX line was such a bungled product that Intel has managed such a performance gap they might not be able to overcome it.

Ryzen will be competitive, I'm not denying that. Unfortunately, Intel has the manufacturing capability to casually eclipse AMD whenever they catch up. I am still rooting for AMD, and there may be occasions that building a system entirely built on their hardware may make sense. This is true because Intel still charges a freakin' premium for the low end chips, which is arrogant and typical of the company. AMD has a loyal base for a reason.

They're cheap as chips.

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