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You are currently looking through all reviews for games that are available on every platform the site currently covers. Below, you will find reviews written by EmP and sorted according to date of submission, with the newest content displaying first. As many as 20 results will display per page. If you would like to try a search with different parameters, specify them below and submit a new search.

Available Reviews
Supreme League of Patriots - Issue 3: Ice Cold in Ellis (PC)

Supreme League of Patriots - Issue 3: Ice Cold in Ellis review (PC)

Reviewed on February 06, 2015

Supreme Progression
Supreme League of Patriots - Issue 2: Patriot Frames (PC)

Supreme League of Patriots - Issue 2: Patriot Frames review (PC)

Reviewed on January 29, 2015

The usually not as good superhero 'sequel' that breaks tradition.
Supreme League of Patriots - Issue 1: A Patriot Is Born (PC)

Supreme League of Patriots - Issue 1: A Patriot Is Born review (PC)

Reviewed on January 29, 2015

Humble origins
4PM (PC)

4PM review (PC)

Reviewed on January 26, 2015

Not the art house production you are looking for.
RefleX (PC)

RefleX review (PC)

Reviewed on January 13, 2015

Giving Something Back.

ALLTYNEX Second review (PC)

Reviewed on January 05, 2015

TAITO Evolution!
FTL: Advanced Edition (PC)

FTL: Advanced Edition review (PC)

Reviewed on January 04, 2015

To boldly die where every man has died before.
Zunou Senkan Galg (NES)

Zunou Senkan Galg review (NES)

Reviewed on December 28, 2014

Zunou Senkan Galg is the video gaming equivalent of being waterboarded.

KAMUI review (PC)

Reviewed on December 21, 2014

Rayforce Plus
Psychonauts (PC)

Psychonauts review (PC)

Reviewed on December 12, 2014

Remember back when Double Fine finished their games before selling them? Viva Psychonauts!
QP Shooting - Dangerous!! (PC)

QP Shooting - Dangerous!! review (PC)

Reviewed on December 02, 2014

Devious cute-'em-up masquerading as mass homage.
Randal's Monday (PC)

Randal's Monday review (PC)

Reviewed on November 26, 2014

Point ‘n’ Geek.
The Yawhg (PC)

The Yawhg review (PC)

Reviewed on November 08, 2014

Briefly brilliant. Perpetually redundant.
Dreamfall Chapters: Book One - Reborn  (PC)

Dreamfall Chapters: Book One - Reborn review (PC)

Reviewed on October 28, 2014

Or else I won't come back at all.
My Name is Addiction (PC)

My Name is Addiction review (PC)

Reviewed on October 11, 2014

The alternative to alternative misery simulators.
Neverending Nightmares (PC)

Neverending Nightmares review (PC)

Reviewed on October 05, 2014

Screams within dreams within dreams.
Elminage Gothic (PC)

Elminage Gothic review (PC)

Reviewed on September 29, 2014

A getting lost simulator. Now with extra homicidal chickens.
Velocibox (PC)

Velocibox review (PC)

Reviewed on September 09, 2014

What Temple Runner might have been had it hated you more.
Metal Gear Solid (PlayStation)

Metal Gear Solid review (PSX)

Reviewed on September 05, 2014

Stuck somewhere between awkward social commentary and a one-series war against interactivity.
The Walking Dead: Season 2.5 - No Going Back (PC)

The Walking Dead: Season 2.5 - No Going Back review (PC)

Reviewed on August 27, 2014

The deconstruction of Clementine.

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