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Strategic space sim review suggestions..?
October 11, 2010

So, after reading Willthegreat's Flotilla review, I started thinking..

There are a few games similar to this. That all are kind of interesting. From Star Control, to O.R.B, Homeworld 1&2, to Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. The Star Trek game with the ship to ship battles. ..can we count E.V.E. Online in here? Masters of Orion..?

And we're ranging from more or less arcade combat to strategic resource and empire-building, and to the more narrative-driven large ship combat in Nexus, all the way to the combined scenario-driven Homeworld.

But there's two themes here. Space exploration and strategic ship combat.

Anyone want to do a theme-thing, and post the reviews at about the same time? A strategic space-sim theme for a particular week, something like that..?

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The uncreative process... (Katamari edition).
October 08, 2010

..I've thought about doing something like this for each review before - for the sake of looking at ways to think about the process for myself (and to lie about it until the writing process seems wonderful and magical) - but never got around to it. Then I never got to scan the crazy notes, or the scraps of paper in my backpack, so it wasn't really very fun to post either.

But I'll do one this time for the Katamari review.

First problem - what's the pitch?

Review it as an arcade game? Roll the levels, complete and let the King score your performance? ..maybe?

edit: Found some more notes. It's the usual flow-chart that reads: (1. "Plot" -> 2. Rolling Mechanic -> 3. Excuse for Game-mechanic -> 1.). Or, it's a good excuse for a game-mechanic.

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"Luke Plunkett has destarred you"
October 08, 2010

..*shrug*? ..and no link.

Why, though? ..I promoted someone wondering where the content was in their new "review" style. That was actually all that day.. A bit sore, are we?

"If you're who I remember you were - I spent most of last night on commenting stuff - I de-starred you for using that star power to promote lame comments, which is a big no-no.

Remember you were de-starred. Not banned. Stars go around and come around, so the next time one comes around, try and remember that with that power comes responsibility ;)"

Which is funny. Because Luke can't write a review that doesn't contain the words "iPad", "Apple", and "I love it!". Luke also thinks I'm five years old, and likes his attention. How sweet.

Brian Crescente pitches in:

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Vanquish devs talk tech on their blog (kinda)
September 25, 2010

Not exactly in depth, obviously, but entertaining and informative.


Java Jive
September 12, 2010


I love coffee, I love tea
I love the java jive and it loves me and tea and the jivin' and me
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup'..

I love java, sweet and hot
Whoops - Mr. Moto, I'm a coffee pot
Shoot me the pot and I'll pour me a shot
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!

Oh, slip me a slug from the wonderful mug
And I cut a rug till I'm snug in a jug
A slice of onion and a raw one, draw one.
Waiter, waiter, percolator..

I love coffee, I love tea
I love the java jive and it loves me and tea and the jivin' and me
A cup, a cup, a cup, a cup, a cup!

Boston bean, soy bean
Lima bean, string bean.
You know that I'm not keen for a bean
Unless it is a cheery coffee bean.

I love coffee, I love tea
I love the java jive and it loves me

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Congrats to the Greens
August 24, 2010

So, congratulations to the Greens and Adam Bandt with the seat in Melbourne - the first representative for the Greens in the Senate.

As well as with the respectable result in the general election. Speculations about the government eventually to be formed aside, it is certain that there will be no majority rule. Which means the presence of the smaller parties will be important. Not simply until a new election, but perhaps in terms of whether the sitting government will be successful with a minority rule - the first one in Oz since the second world war.

Best of luck to you down under. :)

Yakuza review Yakuza 3
August 10, 2010


After I explain to him what Sega cut from the US version, he said: アメリカ版を買った奴がかわいそうだ。セガUSAが最低だね.(Translation: I feel sorry for the people who bought the American version. SEGA USA sucks.)

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