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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Life in Mintland, take two.
June 26, 2008

Since I continue to be an awful correspondent and some of you may be interested.

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Free laptop specs.
May 30, 2008

For those of you who didn't read my previous blog post, yesterday school randomly called me and said, "Hey, APS is giving you a free laptop, come pick it up," so I was like "Sweet" and went to get it today. Here are some numbers:

Windows XP Pro SP3
1.59 GHz AMD Turion 64
1GB RAM, possibly 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM, but I dunno for sure
100GB hard drive
15.4" widescreen
Nice battery life; this specs page says 4.5 hours, but mine is clearly a cheap knockoff of this model.
This site also claims it has an ATI Radeon X1250, which may or may not be true.

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Life in Mintland!
May 29, 2008

As some of you may have noticed, I've been AWOL for some time, so I figured I'd update everyone here. Apologies to everyone who's tried to get in contact with me, as I've been very spotty recently. I've had a lot more going on than I thought I would!

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Quick review on Christropher Paolini's Eragon that I wrote for school.
February 09, 2006

Christopher Paolini himself has called his utter travesty of a fantasy novel Eragon an “archetypal hero story,” but that doesn’t even begin to do it justice. To call it archetypal is a gross understatement; it’s more along the lines of nauseatingly generic, although even that barely scratches the surface. It may be true that there’s no such thing as a truly unique story and that all fantasy is derivative and so on and so forth, but Eragon doesn’t even try. It distills every last stereotype of the fantasy genre and jumbles them together into such a mind-numbingly formulaic product that Paolini must have written the book with a “Top 100 Fantasy Clichés” checklist at hand – but even that wouldn’t necessarily condemn it if it were in the

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Woo, space art.
January 16, 2006

I actually did some space art for the first time in nearly a year!

King of the Gods

Just thought I'd share... >_>;

I beat Xenosaga II recently. It was a good game except for the sucky gameplay. Maybe I'll review it!

Vet-rookie comp is coming up. I intend to review Fallout 2.


Norweian black metal band bios are the best.
December 29, 2005

Lead vocalist Dead committed suicide in 1991 (two years after joining [Mayhem]) by shooting himself in the head; Hellhammer made a necklace using some of his skull fragments, and Euronymous reportedly cooked and ate pieces of Dead's brain. Euronymous, in turn, was stabbed to death while in his underwear on August 10, 1993, by the band's bass player, Count Grishnackh (born Christian Vikernes). Grishnackh's alleged motive was jealousy over the fact that Euronymous had a more evil reputation; he inflicted 23 separate wounds, it was also rumored, so as to outdo rival band Emperor's drummer, Faust, who was convicted in the stabbing death of a homosexual acquaintance. When police arrested Grishnackh, they found over 150 kg of stolen dynamite in his house, complete with a

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Woo, blog got a facelift.
December 28, 2005

I've been meaning to make a banner and stuff for it for ages. Now I have; hurrah. It doesn't look bad for the sporadic 20 minutes I spent on it, even if it bears only a vague resemblance to a star field. I

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