Woo, space art.
January 16, 2006

I actually did some space art for the first time in nearly a year!

King of the Gods

Just thought I'd share... >_>;

I beat Xenosaga II recently. It was a good game except for the sucky gameplay. Maybe I'll review it!

Vet-rookie comp is coming up. I intend to review Fallout 2.

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lasthero lasthero - January 16, 2006 (03:10 PM)
Smelly art. Smelly, indeed.

Halon Halon - January 16, 2006 (03:23 PM)
That's pretty cool, I should check out your other art.

And I'm not being a nicy guy this time, you'll lose 10 points for every number less than a 9 that you give F2!
draqq_zyxx draqq_zyxx - January 18, 2006 (12:39 AM)
Oooo... swirly. Well, at least that's the first thing that popped. Like the space art - think I can stare at it for a long time without doing my homework.

And about Xenosaga II, I'm going to strangle the director for making the voices so mellow and unenergetic. And I suppose Shion was sexified (behind her glasses... she's now "Shove it Shion").
fighter86 fighter86 - March 04, 2006 (10:12 PM)
You should review Xenosaga II, I heard it was pretty good, and want to know more about it.
fighter86 fighter86 - March 06, 2006 (11:13 PM)
I think it's cool art. But I could never do that.
beverage beverage - March 30, 2006 (07:13 PM)

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