Norweian black metal band bios are the best.
December 29, 2005

Lead vocalist Dead committed suicide in 1991 (two years after joining [Mayhem]) by shooting himself in the head; Hellhammer made a necklace using some of his skull fragments, and Euronymous reportedly cooked and ate pieces of Dead's brain. Euronymous, in turn, was stabbed to death while in his underwear on August 10, 1993, by the band's bass player, Count Grishnackh (born Christian Vikernes). Grishnackh's alleged motive was jealousy over the fact that Euronymous had a more evil reputation; he inflicted 23 separate wounds, it was also rumored, so as to outdo rival band Emperor's drummer, Faust, who was convicted in the stabbing death of a homosexual acquaintance. When police arrested Grishnackh, they found over 150 kg of stolen dynamite in his house, complete with a plan to blow up a large church on a religious holiday.


On a vaguely related note, Emperor's label supports PETA. m/

I'd better go ahead and do that review for Fix's contest... I'm reviewing Castle of the Winds, for all who care. It's another one of those ancient shareware games.

Boo, stop editing my damn blog.

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Genj Genj - December 29, 2005 (10:14 PM)
Your shareware review will tremble in fear at my absurd Xenosaga piece.
lasthero lasthero - December 30, 2005 (10:44 AM)
My incredibly short Fighter Maker 2 review smells better than you both.
viridian_moon viridian_moon - December 30, 2005 (04:09 PM)
draculasrevenge draculasrevenge - December 30, 2005 (05:13 PM)
Frankenberry sucks.
Genj Genj - December 30, 2005 (11:54 PM)
Booberry edits your blog because he likes you. If I were you, I'd run.
bluberry bluberry - December 31, 2005 (12:15 AM)
I'll find a way to edit yours too genj, ;D

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