Woo, blog got a facelift.
December 28, 2005

I've been meaning to make a banner and stuff for it for ages. Now I have; hurrah. It doesn't look bad for the sporadic 20 minutes I spent on it, even if it bears only a vague resemblance to a star field. I <3 textured brushes.

Yikes, I've gotta hurry and learn HTML and some other programming languages before school starts again... I'm helping out with the robotics team's website for the FIRST competition, which starts as soon as school comes back in. I'm the only Photoshop nerd on the team, and someone has to do banners and things. That reminds me that I was going to design a banner for the site...hmmmm, I should get on that.

Robotics is for cool people. I'm going to be way overloaded this time, though, as I'm on three subteams...

[insert more droning on about my very boring life here]

Baha, callipygian is in the moods list.

Being sick on break really blows.

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draculasrevenge draculasrevenge - December 28, 2005 (01:11 PM)
bluberry bluberry - December 28, 2005 (01:25 PM)
I give your face a YOTENGO 25 NOVIAS over ten.
draculasrevenge draculasrevenge - December 28, 2005 (03:08 PM)
Blu, you’re being silly again.
zigfried zigfried - December 28, 2005 (05:13 PM)
I would like to read the droning, boring parts you edited out.

viridian_moon viridian_moon - December 28, 2005 (07:13 PM)
No, you wouldn't. Really.

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