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Oh... shit...
October 17, 2006

I just now realized as I was happily cruising my usual spots on the Internet, that I have a Sociology test today. I've missed the past two classes and I know next to nothing of the chapters that I'm about to be tested on. Niether do I have a subject for my final project, which is looming in the shadows.

....It's too late to try and frantically study now. May as well take it and do better on the next test...

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Lady Kara strikes again!
October 09, 2006

She's done it. Lady Kara has a fourth chapter.

Unfortunately, the chapter starts out with a lemon scene. That's right. A lemon scene between Lady Kara and Caim. And for those of you not familiar with the term "lemon" it means teh Pr0n. So, Lady Kara and Caim have teh sex111 again. >_< They just did like, eight hours ago!

Because of this horribly written lemon, I could not enjoy the rest of the chapter. However, there was one thought going throughout the entire chapter: that Furiae was in danger. For example:

Both of us were breathing hard from our initmate encounter.

"Thank you Caim."

"For what?" He asked brushing a strand of hair from my eyes.

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October 06, 2006

I am SO FREAKING TIRED right now... Last night, or this morning, my friend Stephie left my house at 12:15 am after we watched a DVD of South Park. I had to wake up at 7:30 this morning in order to do my homework, which now I'm debating on whether I should do it or not. It's just one little grammar thing...

I know that having 6 hours of sleep is better than what most people get, but I'm also used to 10 hours, and I haven't been getting that amount for the past week. I suppose that this is just the nice cherry on top of a shitty week.

There's the Chinese girl that keeps talking at a normal level here... It's dead quiet, save for my typing, and she doesn't seem to care... I'm thinking about shouting, "SHUT THE HELL UP!" but that would probably ban me from the facility.

so tired...


October 02, 2006

My father works a lot for a man his age. 14 hours a day, at least five days a week, and then half a day on Saturday. He's not in a cubicle, either. He does back-breaking work at a company named Gardner Denver, where he works on oil pumps. This week, however, he's home.

I guess he just decided to take the entire week off, and I'm happy that I'll see more of him during the week. He leaves at 5 am and gets back at around 7 or 7:30 pm. But there is a downside to this.

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September 27, 2006

It's raining yet again outside. Not that I'm complaining, I love rainy days (but not long walks on the beach) however, I forgot to bring an umbrella. So for the moment, I'm wondering how to get into my car without getting all of my stuff completely soaked.

Also, as I was coming up here, I almost ran over a moronic eight year old on a go cart. What kind of parent lets their eight year old drive a go cart? On the road? On the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD? Are the parents that THICK? Not that I'm putting sole blame on the parents, oh no. That stupid-ass kid nearly got run over by my rather large Jimmy GMC, and it would be his fault if he did. It's not like you can't hear me coming.

Yet another reason why I really don't like kids.

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Eat it
September 26, 2006

Well, I finally did manage to get Moltres on the sixth or so try, and Articuno took a lot longer, even though it only took about 2 or 3 flamethrowers from my Blaziken to kill it. I didn't have any trouble with any of the three Uber Birds, and I'm about ten levels belows theirs. o.o

Of course, once I "befriended" all three of them, the dungeon to Lugia, one of my absolute favorites, opened up. Enthusiastic as all hell, I immediately set out, prepared for a long battle and a forty level dungeon, like Kyogre's. Unfortunately, 40 came and went. Then 50. And finally at 55, I gave up for fear of me dying. I still don't know how long that damn dungeon is, and I'm too scared to really find out.

I really hate people that zoom around me in their little cars. Little rats on the road.


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Well, boo.
September 25, 2006

Today is a lovely day, you know. The sun is hidden behind glorious clouds, it's borderline freezing, and I am out and enjoying with my T-shirt, my shorts and my flip-flops. Everyone who's sane and is wearing pants looks at me as if I'm retarded as I happily skip into school at 8 am. It's finally cold.

However, there is a problem. As I was finishing my homework, a guy comes and starts working on his paper. There's nothing wrong with it, heavens no, but when he starts talking aloud and almost yells at the librarian, then I start to get a little annoyed. And freaked out. And he won't stop talking. It's a little aggravating.

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