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What the hell?
July 14, 2006

That's right, folks. I'm putting up a new entry. I think Hell just froze over.

Then again, Hell's a right job cooler than Texas right now... God, it's so fricken hot. And it's only going to get hotter. Whoopee.

Well, Ava the puppy is doing fine. She's gotten a lot bigger since we got her last month. We've even had to get her a bigger collar. o.O She's a healthy little puppy; I've gotten countless compliments on her while on our walks. (I have to take her twice a day.) Her coat is just so shiny and slick... and she's a ball of boundless energy... until about 11:00 am. Then she's a tired little puppy.

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Holy crap, an entry...
May 11, 2006

Well, hello everyone! My sudden and inexplicable absence was caused by school and laziness to drive here ton the library so I can get online. (So now my absence has been explained... and no longer inexplicable...)

Well, the percussion concert that we held Monday night was AWESOME. Everyone that went loved it to pieces, and the really long Jesus ensemble that I played in went pretty well, especially since we were freaking out about it. wo0t.

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AP Test
April 27, 2006

I am not actually taking the AP test for English, but since half of my class is, then my English teacher is prepping us for it. Today, we wrote an essay comparing and contrasting these two poems about the Greek god of love, Eros. Yesterday, we went over the two poems as a class, so we already kinda figured out what we were going to say. I just thought mine was cool because my argument over the first poem was completely different than the one my teacher supplied.

I so proved that argument too. Wo0t.

Not much more to say... Except that my sister is getting me a puppy for a graduation present!! *does dance* My sister and I never had the joy of a childhood pet... and the only pets in the house right now are my fish, the wild lizards outside and the cockroaches. ><



April 24, 2006

Well, it was NOT the pasta salad. Stomach flu is what invaded my family, but no matter what name you call it, it still sucked ass. I lost ten pounds because of it, and am still wary of any foods I put into my tummy from now on. It's good that I lost weight, but not like that!

I have rehearsal again today... and I missed my last one, so I guess my director's real happy with me. I've done this before: gotten sick and missed a whole bunch of rehearsal because of it. I think I missed like two weeks or something of rehearsal times. I barely made it to the contest.

Anyway, my head and tummy still hurt. Fuckin' flu.

My hand is shaking...
April 21, 2006

As I type this, my hand keeps shaking. I'm not cold, nor is there an abundant amount of adrenaline rushing through my veins... The only other option is that I'm about to pass out from low bloodsugar. Oh well.

Well, it is the fourth day since I've been afflicted with this horrendous bug, adn I still feel like shit. You know that feeling in your stomach where you're either naucious (forgive the spelling) or really, really hungry and you can't tell? That's what I've been feeling for three days now, and I don't know whether or not I should eat for fear of throwing up. 'Cause throwing up SUCKS ASS.

I hope I don't pass out while driving home from the library today...


Well kiss my ass and call me Bessie.
April 20, 2006

For some odd reason, my entire family (not just my immediate family, but extended as well) has just instantaneously caught this horrible three-day illness that I have -hopefully- just gotten over. My sister, father and I were spewing from both ends two days ago, and now we're okay. And yesterday, we start getting all these calls from relatives asking if we got sick too. What's going on???

Anywho, in my delirium, I did manage to beat Kingdom Hearts 2. (Wow, I finally did it!) Forgive my inner fangirl, but DAMN Riku is HOT. I was uber excited when he was able to join my party. And, I even got to play as him for a while. It was bitchin'. And he looks even better with the spiffy Square animation. *drools*

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April 17, 2006

TAKS: Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. I used to hate this four-letter acronym, but now, I prase it. Why? Because I now have the rest of the week off. WO0T. Thank God for senior year where you no longer have to care about anything except college and work.

I'm in the library and everyone seems to be staring at me. Even this little baby that's in a stroller right beside me is staring at me. It's kinda creepin' me out. Well, the baby's cute, but everyone else is creeping me out.

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