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My God,
March 19, 2007

Well, it's been a while, eh?

No big news. I did manage to get my hands on Trace Mmemory. It was worth the $8 I spent. It's not that bad of a game, considering. I also recently bought Hotel Dusk Room 215, which is wonderful, and Spectrobes, that new game that looks like the bastard child of Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon.

To tell you guys the truth, I kinda like it. I mean, I'd have to, since I managed to whittle away all my valuable sleep playing it last night. o.0 It's pretty fun and addictive as far as love childs go.

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January 23, 2007

Another January comes about, meaning my birthday. January 24th is the usual day of festivity, but it being the day before, I don't feel all that festive. I only have a bit of school, but no work. I get a bunch of money from my family and a wonderful meal from my mother. So what could possibly be wrong?

It might be that I am about to endure a year of being the most useless age ever. 19. It's like being a sophmore in high school again.

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I have become Judas
January 03, 2007

I stared down at my beloved PS2 with a heavy heart. I had just finished a session of Okami gameplay, and in the latter partof it, the PS2 began making strange, disturbing noises. The PS2 in question, which has been named Quincy in past years, has been a faithful servant the past two years. However, it seems it is time for me to get a new one. I sighed again as this thought ran through my head.

I had to trade in my PS2. My Quincy.

Before I set out to the GameStop,I picked Quincy up and hugged him, telling him what a good little PS2 he's been for about ten minutes. He's an older model, too; one of the big, bulky ones. I was surprised he lasted this long, but the fact remained that I had to trade him in while he still worked.

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The unspeakable has happened
December 13, 2006

I know a lot of you out there are Drakengard fans, so when I tell you this, you'll feel my pain and agony. Now, I just discovered this a couple of minutes ago, and I'm still trying to recover from the initial shock and nausea. It's more revolting than a CaimxFuriae, more even than a CaimxManah.


..... a Caim x NOWE fic.

GAH!!! *vomits*

For those of you that have not played D2, let me fill you in on why this is a travesty.

1) As you should know by now, Caim is 42 in this game. Nowe, the new main character, is 17.

2) They are RELATED. That's right! Not only is it slash with two men who are OBVIOUSLY not gay, but it's incest! Caim is Nowe's UNCLE. GUH!!! *vomits again*

I thought it would never come. But I have underestimated the fandom. This is my punishment.



Shit, damn, fuck, and other obsenities.
December 06, 2006

Well, I am here, sitting on my ass waiting for death. I closed last night/ this morning, so albiet, I'm a bit scatterbrained. I got here uber early in order to write my paper that's due today, and when I open up my backpack, I find that my rough is no longer there, and niether is my peer review. I can't write or turn in the essay without those, so now, there's no real point in writing the damn thing. I can't go home, otherwise I'll lose my exemption and my history class is today, too.


In regards to my last post, I must go into detail about how awesome Okami is. I may even write a review about it, but I've never written one before. o.0

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I have a new obsession.
December 04, 2006

Okami rules me. It rules my life.

How can one game be so incredibly AWESOME?


Screw you, Federal Income Tax
November 29, 2006

I got my first paycheck on Black Friday as I worked my 4 to close shift (which was about 8 hours), which gave me a little booster until my lunch came. I opened it up to find....

$15 has been removed from my paycheck.

Confused, I scan down to the taxes, where social security is, and I don't mind that. Medicare's only about a dollar, and then the last little leech is found.

$5.05 - Federal Income Tax

I could use that $5, Congress! I know it's only five bucks, but that'll get me two more gallons of gas, which is about 18 more miles!

I've never been one for anarchy, but that just really pissed me off. It also could be because I had developed three ingrown toenails over the course of my shift and was limping along by the end of the night.

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