Screw you, Federal Income Tax
November 29, 2006

I got my first paycheck on Black Friday as I worked my 4 to close shift (which was about 8 hours), which gave me a little booster until my lunch came. I opened it up to find....

$15 has been removed from my paycheck.

Confused, I scan down to the taxes, where social security is, and I don't mind that. Medicare's only about a dollar, and then the last little leech is found.

$5.05 - Federal Income Tax

I could use that $5, Congress! I know it's only five bucks, but that'll get me two more gallons of gas, which is about 18 more miles!

I've never been one for anarchy, but that just really pissed me off. It also could be because I had developed three ingrown toenails over the course of my shift and was limping along by the end of the night.

Edit: I got Tales of the Abyss and am sad that there's no Kratos equivilant for me to look forward to.


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goldenvortex goldenvortex - November 29, 2006 (07:16 AM)
Yeah, I used to get taxed like an idiot when I used to work full time. Since becoming a student, I am 100% tax-free! :D
Genj Genj - November 29, 2006 (11:14 AM)
I get about $5-7 taken out of my pay checks for taxes, but I usually end up getting it all back after I do my taxes.
bluberry bluberry - November 29, 2006 (08:05 PM)
I work tax-free under the table. I am filthy lucky.
silverishness silverishness - December 01, 2006 (06:18 AM)
Filthy lucky bastard.
goldenvortex goldenvortex - December 04, 2006 (12:14 PM)
Under the table? Do you give people head?
burner burner - January 01, 2007 (12:33 AM)
$5 tax is not too bad

In Australia, our tax ranges from 25% to 46% depending on ur tax bracket. Noone is exempt from tax, but everyone gets the first $6000 tax-free.

but then again we got like the 3rd highest taxes in the world =( it sux

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