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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Resident Evil 4 continued...
June 11, 2007

My previous post got buried so I made a new one to respond to the questions.

I am in the castle, and just ran into the room with the giant bug hive.

As for bullets, problems have been few and far between because I've been smashing everything in sight and picking enemies off with the pistol whenever possible. My point was that someone who isn't as careful will definitely run into a problem. Then again, I suppose that's their fault. I still wish the arms dealer would sell ammo though. I purchased the magnum early on, only to find that there is almost no ammo available.

I would still say that it's my favorite RE game thus far, but I wish the game had stuck with the open areas seen early on.


Quick impressions
June 09, 2007

I plan on writing full reviews over the next week, but I felt like offering some brief opinions on the games that I'm currently playing.

Resident Evil 4 - Absolute, nerve-splitting intensity. The first two hours contain some of the most frantic moments of desperation I've ever experienced in a game. From there, it's a downhill slide into the same old Resident Evil formula - claustrophobic hallways lined with zombies, nonsensical puzzles, and ammo conservation.

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Halo 2, Windows Live, and the Future of PC Gaming
May 21, 2007

Every online PC gamer has to answer the same question. Do you pay to play, or do you play for free? It’s a powerful question that literally determines the games you play, but sooner or later, it may not be your decision to make. Subscription-based MMOs are some of the hottest tickets in town, and success always brings in the copycats. This is especially true in gaming, where the smallest ripple can quickly become a tidal wave.

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Evil Information
May 13, 2007

You may have noticed a particular someone recently touting the supposed superiority of the Sega Genesis. The latest "proof" in this fiasco arrived in the form of sales figures, but did this someone provide sources for these figures? Absolutely not, giving him free reign to write any number that will give the desired effect.

To counter, I will provide sales figures that I have run across recently. If you're interested in obtaining the exact figures for yourself, I encourage you to visit PCVS Console and Wikipedia as starting points for your research.

Commonly Held Sales Totals 2005:
118.69 GB
101.73 PS
81.39 PS2
65.74 GBA
61.78 NES
49.02 SNES
32.93 N64

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Truce in the Trenches
May 01, 2007

Most gamers don't strike me as neo-hippies in the making. They don't want to imagine all the people getting along in a world of incense and peppermint. They want bloodshed. The console wars are still in full swing, and a happy jaunt through any gaming forum can quickly become an exercise in dodging flaming insults and sidestepping opinionated landmines. Innocent topics about the coolest characters or the best online games are turning into all-out battles with Blu-Ray discs cutting the air, 360s marching over the wounded, and Wiimotes pelting hapless bystanders.

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360 Elite
April 29, 2007

In case you missed it, the Xbox 360 Elite is officially on the market for $479.99. Not only does the system ditch the fluffy white color in favor of a simple and sleek black, it packs a 120GB hard drive and HDMI compatibility. This means more room for music, downloads, and the sharpest image possible for that new HDTV sitting on your entertainment center. Let's not forget that it simply looks badass.

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Toss me some ideas.
April 12, 2007

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Versus Mode will be coming back shortly with some definite improvements. I'll be out of town for a wedding for a few days, but throw out some game suggestions while I'm gone. This time, everything is fair game.

On the gaming front, here's something to get excited about for fans of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on Xbox 360. 4 new heroes and 4 playable villains. If you haven't tried it yet, at least give it a rent. It's one of the best beat em ups in years.

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