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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Happiness on the horizon
February 11, 2007

The quick backstory here is that I live in Madison and have a crappy job with a nearly-useless degree that leaves me underqualified for almost everything. I hate it here.

The good news is that a move back to Milwaukee is in the works. I love Milwaukee and will be back by June. As for the job scenario, I have decided to go back to school for a second undergraduate in Journalism. I could stand to learn some more of the techniques, legal issues, and just get some more practice. This time around I want to make the most of my time by getting involved with student organizations and obtaining an internship. Here's to hoping everything works out.

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(Untitled Post)
February 09, 2007

You know it's a good SHMUP when you think someone spiked your soda with acid.

Mushihimesama Futari

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Dated technology
February 09, 2007

This was a video sent out to promote Windows 386, probably before some of you got out of diapers. It does make me wonder what people will think of the technology we're using now. Just look at the future as imagined by movies like Forbidden Planet, Logan's Run, or the dozens of cyborg movies in the '80s. Man, even Hackers is looking kinda sad (not that it was too great to begin with). I still remember my Mom's comment about Super Mario Bros. for the NES, "It looks so much more realistic." It seems silly now, but just think about how those same words get retooled year after year as previous games get more and more dated. Someday, our kids will be making fun of our Ipods, cell phones, and PC's with only 2GB's of RAM. It seems like technology is the new fashion.

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Stupid Hotel.......
January 25, 2007

I decided to pick up Hotel Dusk for the DS today (can't play WOW all the time). The question is, were point-n-click adventures as good as nostalgia reminds me, or should I be glad that we've moved on and left them behind? I've been clicking around the DS screen for about five hours straight now. Unfortunately, nearly two hours of that has been pointless backtracking and the senseless combining of items in a desperate attempt to progress. I don't know if there's some miniscule detail that I'm missing, some two-pixel wide object that I failed to click, or if the game just glitched.

Besides the wanna-stab-my-screen-with-the-stylus dead end, it's an interesting game. Look for a review.....well, whenever I figure this part out.


Better Days Ahead
January 22, 2007

I have plans for this blog, beyond the constant neglect it usually gets, but first is some more exciting news. I am finally moving back to Milwaukee. While that may not mean much to you folks, it means the world to me. Madison depresses me like no other city has, and I'm counting the days until I can get out. At the latest, I'll be out by June 1st. Hopefully sooner, but at least I have a deadline.

Just a little hint at what I'm working on next.

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November 14, 2006

Guitar Hero II just stole part of my life. I seriously meant to set it down about 2 hours ago, but of course, I just had to do one more song. Then I had to unlock another. Then I needed to try it, and try over and over to perfect it. Then came another, and you more than get the point.

I suppose I should get back to my work.


PS3 incoming
November 11, 2006

Just finished up an informational meeting with the local Sony representative. Even with the delays, motion-sensing doubts, and questions regarding its true capabilities, the PS3 is looking pretty exciting. The processing power alone is enough to get my mouth watering. A brief demo of Resistance: Fall of Man shows just how this can be used. A porcupine grenade goes off, spewing thick needles in every direction. Instead of just sticking into everything they touch, each needle interacts with the environment separately; disappearing into the soil, splintering wood, and chipping into cement.

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