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September 01, 2007

Two Worlds full review on the way.

BioShock full review on the way.

Sooner than later, for all intents and purposes. : )

I also wanted to ask a question that someone can hopefully answer.

How do I make videos of games? I mean, direct videos. I've heard some people mention a capture card for a PC, but I'm not sure how that works.




BioShock and Two Worlds first impressions.
August 25, 2007

Got both of them now. Surprisingly (more in the case of Two Worlds) I'm not disappointed.

BioShock begins quickly and with a bang and has that overall Half Life presence about it. Very cinematic, I mean, even considering the game's first person perspective. While the opening sequence pales in comparison to the thrill that The Darkness gave me, the sheer beauty of Jack's plane crash over the Atlantic and first steps into Rapture cast an enormous shadow over the former game.

Oh yeah. It plays well, too. : )

Two Worlds, on the other hand, is actually a pretty terrible game. Terrible graphics, terrible dialogue, terrible voice acting, presentation, animation - yada yada yada. . .

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August 24, 2007

Picked up this interesting looking movie last night called Renaissance and watched about five minutes of it pretty close to midnight.

I was dead tired, so I decided to just wait until today to watch it. But still, it looks pretty neat. I'm way into the whole film noir detective thing (hopefully made clear with my MP2 review) and so this looked like a pretty reasonable buy for $20.

I'm wondering if anyone's seen that Clive Owen/Jenni A. film, Derailed. I was looking over the cover before I bought Renaissance and almost considered taking it home instead.

Is it any good?

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I can't believe that no one else. . .
August 23, 2007

Is excited for Two Worlds.

Regardless, I watched Game Trailers' shitty video review of BioShock today - nothing made much of an impression on me. Not to say that the game looks bad, only that those reviews usually leave me indifferent.

The claim of open-endedness does have me suckered into running out to buy it now - but I've always had a nagging, pessimistic issue with this sort of feature.

I'm not sure who it was that critiqued my Morrowind review a long while back, but I stated my beef in there.

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Hm. . .
August 22, 2007

I wonder what would happen if I had a vagina. . .

Oh, nevermind. I'd just play with myself all day. But how is that deviation for the norm? Damn.


Two Worlds comes out on Friday; who else is getting this kickass looking game? I swear, it looks sort of similar to my favorite MMORPG of all time - Asheron's Call. The original shitty game, not the shittier sequel.

I'm so excited I can't even put it into words. It's like, when you know someone so well that you don't feel the need to be descriptive, you just sort of. . .

Make fart noises and punching sounds effects.

It looks that good.

You Piece of Shit.
August 22, 2007

My friend's computer is a piece of fucking shit. Really, who thinks, "We need computers for the family, what should we get? *gasp* DELL! GENIUS!"

You know who? Parents. If the media would like some proof of "bad parenting" leading to bad things happening, here's exhibit number one, friends.

Buying a Dell amounts to sliding your man-rod into a gator's mouth and then going, "THANK YOU MR. GATOR. THANK YOU FOR RIPPING OFF MY DRESSING PUMP!"

I swear. Seriously.

This bullshit computer won't read the damned floppy that my review for this week's round is on. I don't get it, because it worked fine yesterday. Today it's "unable to read". Bullshit. Bullshit.

So now I have to wait until like 3 in the afternoon to get finished. Lame. Lame. Lame.

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August 19, 2007

I have ass-mark, too.

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